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Morgan, part 2

Posted in: Play by Morgan on November 12, 2009

Sadi reached for the door handle. “Wait!” I tried not to sound too desperate. “Wait. Slow down. Why open that door right now? You could wait for your friends, right? I’m sure dragon girl is wiping the blood off her big honking sword right now. Just, just give it a minute, OK?”

She turned and looked at me. Her face looked blank. “But you’re all I need. You’re some awesome archmage, yeah? We can take a couple of game playing orcs.” She paused and leaned towards me . “Unless you’re afraid.”

I was saved from answering that by Milly. She hissed to get our attention and waved us back to her. “Look, we’re nuts to be here. It’s late. Really late. We don’t have a healer. I’m tapped out on spells. Staying here, picking a fight here and now? It’s like a death wish. And Sadi — you were dead this morning Air Sealed Tent. Do you realize that? Let’s keep you alive the whole day, OK?”


Suddenly it seemed like the whole group was there. Liam and his bear, the dragon girl. It was a little close with all those bodies.

“You know I agree with Milly here. She’s making sense.” I reached out to pat Sadi’s arm She wrenched it away and stalked off, out the front door inflatable toys canada.

Milly and I looked at each other. I opened my mouth to speak and Milly held up a finger. “Don’t.”

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