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The Death of Indira

Posted in: Play by Buzz on October 16, 2009

D&D minisAs Indira stepped into the room, she was slammed by Triple Tail. Somehow he was levitating back and forth across the room. Or that damned beholder was doing it. Either way, not expected. He got a nice chomp on her shoulder as she moved past him. I’ve seen that look before — she wanted the beholder and nothing, not even some big ass lobstersaurus was gonna get in the way.

I heard a splash and a hissing. The beholder was smoking a bit. Ha! Myntilly had used orb of acid on him. Nice. But I hope she’s careful. He might figure out where she is. Not that I can see her when she’s invisible.

Like he was on a string, Triple Tail zoomed back to the wall. Crazy shit. I don’t get it, except that maybe beholders just like to mess with your mind.
D&D minisAcgar took advantage of the opening to breathe acid at the beholder.
She was very sure not to hit Brus, who was curled up like a puppy at the beholder’s feet. Er, where the beholder would have feet. If beholders had feet. They don’t.

From my vantage, I could see that Indira was bleeding pretty badly from that shoulder wound.
I had a feeling I’d regret it, but I ran out and stood behind her.
She needed healing.
“The Father shines through me and into you, sister.” She looked at me over her shoulder and winked. I heard her say:
“He does indeed shine through me, brother.” And four sunbeams shot from her right hand. It was glorious to see. Each ray hit an eye stalk and seared it shut.

Before I could begin to cheer, the beholder whirled around and eyes from the undamaged side turned towards us. I felt the air grow warm. A breeze stirred Indira’s kerchief. And then, BLAM. Indira fell flat at my feet and a moment later, she exploded into a million tiny pieces.

D&D minis

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