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Old Enemies, part 1

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on October 11, 2009

When I heard the voice I knew it was Khyron. Before he’d even come through the door of the chamber, he was talking. Since Common is, at best, a challenging language for him, I’m surprised I understood any of it. “Ha! You Divas have tried to stop of the Thirteen. But they are too much intelligent and when you tried to attack, they decidedly begin early.” He stumbled into the chamber. His face was pale and glistening with sweat. Throwing off a geas is tough work but it looked like he was succeeding.

Indira and Sadi in the chamber

Buzz, Indira, Sadi and Durilin in the chamber

After we resurrected Sadi, Theresa told us that she’d found a hidden door. It opened to a chamber, perhaps a worship chamber. One with the Carceri symbol. That eye! It seemed to follow us. As Buzz, Sadi, Durilin and I wandered around the chamber (Myntilly and Acgar refused to enter) the eye seemed to watch.
“I feel… sick.” Buzz touched my arm. “I’m gonna sit down over here.” He pointed to one of the stone benches. I watched him walk slowly across the room. When I turned back I saw Durilin hefting one of her throwing axes. “What are you doing?”
She pointed at the Carceri symbol. “I don’t like that eye looking at me and I’m going to do something about it!” She cocked her arm as if to throw the axe. “Wait! Wait. No. I really don’t think that’s a good idea.”
Durilin gave me a puzzled look. “The eye is following our movements.” Her tone implied that I was an idiot for stopping her.
“Yes. I am aware. However.” I glared at her. “However, what might happen if you hit the symbol? Will this room blink out of existence? Will demons spring up? We just don’t –” My lecture was interrupted by the voiceof Khyron Boneswear.

He looked terrible. Going against a geas hurts. It mortally wounds the bearer. Every day, every hour of every day that one goes against the quests laid down, it hurts. He leaned against the door jamb, panting. “We mislead you newly! The demons…. the incarcerated demons form their way here. To your thin, small world.” He shoved himself upright and started towards me.
I flung my right hand at him. “Be still! I command it!” There was a moment of silence and then he started to laugh. “Divas have tried to form of the Khyron your friend, your slave, your hand worker.” He spat on the ground. “Khyron is <resistito>. I damage, yes. But Khyron prevails.”

Ian delivers the killing blow

Ian delivers the killing blow

Durilin ran at him, happy I think, to be able to attack something. He took the axe blow without stopping. Suddenly he seemed to slide. I heard Ian cheer. I looked over and Ian was in the doorway. Grease spell, maybe? But he hadn’t fallen. I strode towards Khyron and swept my mace low to knock him off his feet.

Ian rushed the fallen man.I didn’t even try to stop him. He fired a crossbow bolt into Khyron’s chest.

I knelt beside my enemy as his blood pumped out. “Do you wish to confess your sins and find peace with God?”
“Khyron. He is not a friend to God Pelor, the sun. Well and I be damaged, but Khyron in measure swore to resist the Divas, your <Bannfluchauftrag>, your directive. Yes, I die. But it is a small tribute to pay for Diva defeat.”

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  1. I added a link to Khyron’s first appearance.

    Comment by Dyskko — October 13, 2009 @ 9:04 pm

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