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Diamonds Are a Cleric's Best Friend

Posted in: Play by Ariel on October 10, 2009

I heard Buzz laugh and I turned to see Theresa drop a bundle into the lava. An intense squealing began and it seemed to last forever.
“That was one tough guinea pig.” Buzz had awe in his voice.

D&D mini


Myntilly and Durilin came running in. “What is that horrible noise?! Is everyone OK?” Myntilly’s eyes took in the scene and her eyes locked on me. She slowly walked towards me. “What. What happened to you? Your hair?….”
I shook my head unable to speak. She touched my brow and I began to cry. I only managed one word: “Sadi.”
Myntilly looked puzzled. Buzz took her arm and lead her to the pile of ashes that was Sadi. I heard sobs and closed my eyes.

Suddenly the sobs turned to laughter. I opened my eyes. Myntilly ran to me with her hand clenched. “It’s part of her finger! Ha ha! You can resurrect her now!”

I carefully took the relic from her. It would do, certainly. I would need to rest and more importantly I needed materials.
“I hope Sadi dropped her bag of holding somewhere. Otherwise we’re in trouble.”
“Here it is.” Ian walked over. “She dropped it before going up the wall. I doubt she’d planned ahead for this contingency. I think it was just too floppy for walking on walls.”
I pulled open the strings. “Let’s hope that we collected enough diamonds since we’ve been down here. We need about 10,000 gp worth of diamonds for this spell.”
Durilin and Theresa shifted through the jewels and found what they felt was the right amount of stones. As they brought the diamonds to me, everyone got quiet. I looked around the room. “People, I have to rest and do the spell tomorrow. I didn’t prepare resurrection today!”

It was a quiet night and so I awoke with a peaceful mind. I faced east and chanted a prayer of greeting to Pelor, asking for his guidance. I laid out a piece of green silk I carry with me. It’s a scrap from a dress my nanny made for my mother. I loved my mother in that dress and this little bit of cloth …. it keeps her close to me.

I placed the finger on the cloth and closed my eyes. “I am Pelor’s hand on earth. I am the light in His eyes. His words flow through me.”

Sadi Returns

Sadi Returns

I poured the diamonds over the finger. “Accept this offering, Father. It is given with love. It is given with humility. It is given with hope.” I slowly folded the corners of the cloth, covering the contents. I leaned forward until my head rested on the cloth. “Hear my prayer. Hear my prayer. Hear my prayer.” As I said the final word, I heard a noise. Sadi was standing behind me.


  1. Without anything left but a finger and ashes? Does that include all else she was wearing and carrying? Do you reincarnate those items also or start fresh?

    Comment by John — October 12, 2009 @ 8:50 am

  2. John – Thankfully equipment is not distroyed with that spell so she has all her equipment and clothes 🙂

    Indira – Actually Theresa retreived the finger I just brought it over to you. When Theresa found it she said something about having “sticky fingers”. Being a sneaky type person… she much know.

    Comment by Taj — October 12, 2009 @ 4:05 pm

  3. Wow… my icon pic is way back when I had red hair!

    Comment by Myntilly — October 12, 2009 @ 4:25 pm

  4. Hi John! Thanks for reading. Hmm, good point. For narrative flow (and poetic license) I would say that Sadi dropped her bags and her bow (which is bad-ass) since she was about to walk on the walls and ceiling.
    The spell will restore the person with only a scrap of bio material. At my level I could even use a 14 year old piece of bone. Crazy, right? But um, yeah. I think she probably was buck naked when she popped back into existence.

    Comment by Indira — October 13, 2009 @ 6:38 am

  5. Hmm…
    Definitely naked and no armor.
    Certainly left the bag on the ground as too cumbersome to carry while walking on the ceiling.
    Might have had the bow, however. She may have gotten off a few shots while on the ceiling.

    Luckily, you have looted enough clothes and armor that there are probably some to spare in the Bag of Holding. But we should outfit Sadi before we get too much further.

    @John – Hurrah for peer review! Thanks for the insight.

    Comment by Dyskko — October 13, 2009 @ 8:55 pm

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