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Assassin's Tower

Posted in: Play by Ariel on September 28, 2009

View from the base of the tower

View from the base of the tower

As we rounded a curve, going slowly of course with the siege engine, we saw a tower about 60 yards away. We stopped to discuss what to do next. Was it occupied? Armed? Abandoned?

We decided to get closer. And to fire a siege blot at it. Why not cover our bets?

As we got closer Durilin was talking about the stone work. “It looks good from here. Better than much of what we”ve seen so far. I think that”s a door. In the base. It”s got to be a door….. I want a closer look.” She hooked one leg over the side of the lead cart and hopped to the ground. “Don”t,” she grinned. “Don”t fire any blots “til I get back, OK?”

She was back quickly and without incident. “I heard some noises inside the base of the tower. I think there”s …. something inside and it will come out as a surprise to attack us.”
“Something?” Buzz raised his eyebrows. “What? Fire giant? Zombies? Puppies? What it sound like?”
“It sounded like snuffling.”
“Brus will go take a sniff and see what he can tell.” Ian patted his haunch as he lumbered by.


Someone's in the tower

As we got closer, Sadi was able to make out a figure in the tower and as an arrow whizzed past, her statement was verified. “Well. There”s at least one person up there.”
“Armed and an enemy.” I added.
“Well,” said Acgar, looking at Rumonger. “Maybe an enemy. We shall see.”

About then we heard a howl. “Oh no. Worgs.” Buzz put down his pack.
“And goblins.” Myntilly rolled up her sleeves.
Acgar turned to me. “I told you worgs were evil.”
“It was a puppy. And besides who knows if we”ll ever get back to Sasserine…..”
“Um, could Your sign’s paired element is water and in fact, you are the only sagittarius horoscopes sign with a fixed relationship with the element. we focus on the battle?” Durilin was moving past Rumonger to get in position.

“I”ll take care of the tower.” Sadi patted the siege engine. “You guys deal with the worgs. And don”t let them get this far, OK?”

Rumonger goes into battle mode

Rumonger goes into battle mode

We saw four worgs with goblins on their backs racing toward us. Rumonger raised his arms, swinging his chains. “Battle!”
The first goblin that got close enough was swept off his mount by one swipe of Rumonger”s chains.
“Handy guy to have in a fight.” Ian commented.
I didn”t answer because I was casting sunbeam and needed to focus. Rays shot from my finger tips and I heard a goblin curse and a worg yelp in pain. I tried to keep up my concentration, willing the beam to stay strong and true. It had already been a long day, though and so my beam faltered after only a few seconds.
As my vision cleared I could see that one worg was down and one goblin was staggering around with his hands to his eyes.

As I watched, Myntilly dropped another and Ian finished off the blinded goblin. Acgar moved over to assist Rumonger. In the meantime, Sadi had been shooting at the tower, even as the figure in the tower was shooting at us.

Tower tilts

Tower tilts

We heard a loud crack and some of the stone work fell away. From her vantage Durilin could see the damage. “Woo-Hoo! Direct hit!” She turned her attention back to the worgs.

The tower was definitely tilting. Before my eyes, the base began to crumble and the figure fell from the balcony. As he landed, he was hit by no less than three spells. He didn”t move.

Only one of the four pairs of goblins and worgs was still alive. Rumonger, his minion and Durilin took them out easily.

As Myntilly bent to check the body from the tower, Sadi came over. “Hey! I know that guy. He gave me this.” She pointed to the scar beside her eye. My hand automatically clapped to my side. “I remember that night! He was on the roof…. Ha. Either he”s gotten worse or we”ve gotten better. His arrows barely touched us.”
Sadi nudged his body with her boot. “Bet he has some nice gear. I think we deserve that, don”t you?”

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