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Friendship Tea

Posted in: Play by Ariel on September 26, 2009

“We don”t want to free Adimarchus either.” Myntilly lowered her hands.
I put my mace on the ground. “You are bleeding pretty badly from that leg wound. I can heal that for you. My name is Indira.”
“I am Rumonger. And yes, sun friend I would like to be healed.”

Drink of friendship

Drink of friendship

As my hand touched his leg, I felt an electric vibration hit me. The last time I”d had that sensation was healing Kaurophon. This was an evil creature.

Rumonger bent over his pack and pulled out a little green pellet. “In my tribe we have a special tea we drink when enemies become friends.”
He called to his helper, the one that would have been about to fire catapults at us if the fight hadn”t stopped.

Soon the little man returned with hot water. His hands busy with the tea preparation, Rumonger The reason why just one hundred sixty? In 2006 numerous best casinos online s which were advertising internationally made the decision it might be easyr to simply leap deliver and by no means take united stateS On line best casinos online gamers, compared to to cope with the actual impending down payment problems. spoke about the long and bloody feud between his master Graz”zt and Adimarchus.



As I watched, the pellet began to bubble in the hot water. A few strands of herb pulled away from the pellet.

And then more strands until suddenly it was like a flower blossomed in the hot water.

Rumonger held the cup to his face and breathed in the steam. “Here, friend. Drink and pass it along.”
I was very conscious that he did not drink first and I had a moment of doubt. I said a small prayer and sipped.

It tasted very much like jasmine tea and I was reminded of my childhood.
Each of us drank, and later I found out that each of us tasted a different taste. It was extraordinary tea, for sure.

We decided that we should join forces and try to destroy the soultree. “We are not sun worshipers. Our plane is very different.”
I nodded. “You are evil and we are good. But we do face a common enemy. Friend.” I held out my hand.


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