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Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on September 25, 2009

Acgar wears her Darkmantle

Acgar wears her Darkmantle

Acgar walked over and reached a hand down to help me up. “Darkmantles. Kinda squishy but stubborn.” I pointed to her chest. “Is that one of them. What you’re wearing?”
She laughed. “Yeah. One of them dropped on me and I thought ‘Hmm, bite.’ And it kinda draped over me like a poncho. Too bad the camouflage properties don’t continue after death. Otherwise these hides would be valuable.”
“One bite? That’s all it took for you to beat…..” My voice trailed off.

Myntilly rubbed my arm. “Gonna be OK? Do you need a heal or an aspirin?”
I shook my head. “Actually I didn’t wonk myself that hard.” I finished silently: And that makes me even more lame. I raised my voice. “Thank you. Thank you everyone for saving me.” I scratched Brus behind the ears. “Thanks, buddy. When we get back to Cauldron, we’ll get burgers at Mary‘s. OK?”
Buzz shook his head. “Why do you like that place. It’s a strip club! Not exactly the right atmosphere for a servant of Pelor. Am I right?”
“I could make the case that it is exactly the right place to bring God’s message –” My words were cut off by the sound of the elevator. For a moment no one spoke.
“Theresa?” Ian raised his eyebrows. Durilin shook her head. “Unlikely. She’s down here, finishing mapping.”
Ian smiled grimly. “Unless she decided to leave us.”
Sadi picked up her bow. “Let’s go take a look.

Out of the elevator

Out of the elevator

As we rounded the last corner, here’s what we saw…

A big, huge, green guy with spikes and chains. He was pulling a cart behind him and barely straining at the effort.

“Holy crap! What is that?”
“It definitely appears to be some sort of siege engine. If you look toward the top, behind that skull banner –”
“No Acgar, not the cart.”

“All I know is he’s a big ugly guy and he’s dragging that cart this way.” Myntilly’s hissed words cut through the other dialog. Everyone stopped and looked at the creature. He and his cart were certainly closer. “What do we do?” Buzz looked at everyone intently.

“We can’t go forward. Not with that <karaz> lumbering behind us.” Durilin tested the edge of her blade. “Nothing for it but to fight.” She leapt out from the curve of the wall and yelled: “Stop you foul troll! I am Durilin Rumnaheim. My grandmother showed me the art of making <nogarung> when I was still in diapers. Come forward. I would have your skull to practice.”

Rumonger limbers up

Rumonger limbers up

The creature yanked at the chains that kept him attached to the cart. The chains came off easily, except that they were still attached to his wrists. He laughed and swung one arm up the air. The chain made a whistling noise as it sliced through the air 10 feet from Durilin. “<Ha! Dawi gut kazak! Af grom kron nul Wazzok Dawi.>”

“What is he saying?” I turned to Myntilly.
She bobbed her head from side to side. “Um, god, my Dwarven is rusty. Something like ‘Dwarves give good battle. I like your brave words. You’re not a foolish young dwarf.'”
“She’ll be a dead dwarf in a couple of seconds.”

Eye to eye

Eye to eye

I closed my eyes. “I am the might of Pelor.” Suddenly I grew about 8 feet taller. I flexed my hands and strode out to meet my equal.

One of his chains caught me across the ribs as I closed on him. I swung my mace in a low backhand and felt a nice thunk as it connected with his right arm.
If I could keep him busy and disable his arms, we could win this thing.

Ian flung a spell at the cart. I felt it whiz past and flames erupted.

Sadi landed an arrow; it lodged in the troll’s shoulder. With such a team I knew we could win.

Durilin ran past me. I don’t think he even noticed. I saw her waraxe flash and blood spurted from his knee.

Durilin flanks

Durilin flanks

I smiled. This would be easy now. The troll roared in pain. “By the six fingers of Graz’zt, you shall not free Adimarchus! Adimarchus must stay chained.”

“What?” I stopped in mid-swing. “Adimarchus what?”
Myntilly rushed forward waving her hands. “Stop! Wait. Stop! We don’t want to free Adimarchus.”

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