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The Divas Take on Darkmantles

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on September 22, 2009

Into the cars

Into the cars

Everyone agreed that Ian had a great idea. We piled into the cars. By chance Ian and I ended up together. “There’s no room for Brus.”
“Sure there is. He’s not that big, Indira.”
“Look, Durilin and Myntilly barely fit just the two of them. He won’t fit. He can walk along side.” Brus’ nose sniffed along the edges of the car and he thumped down and stretched his forelegs. “See? He agrees. No room.” I tried to find a clean spot to sit down. The cars had obviously been used to haul rock and ore and they were uniformly filthy.

Sadi called back. “Ready? I’m going to release my brake, but these things can really haul butt, so keep some pressure on the brake, OK?” We began to move. Slowly at first and picking up enough speed that Brus had to lope beside us.

Myntilly turned around and flashed her dimples at us. “This is traveling in style! I kinda like –” At that moment something dark and large landed on her head.

D&D minis image 2

Darkmantle attack

It was large enough that it settled over both Myntilly and Durilin. At their startled cries, Sadi slammed on her handbrake. Durilin was too busy with the attack to pay attention to her brake, so their car thumped into Sadi’s car and Acgar was thrown into Sadi’s arms.

Ian was too astonished to think about the brake, so our car stopped only when it had hit Durilin’s car hard enough to jar my teeth and knock Durilin into Myntilly.

D&D minis image 3


With her usual grace and speed, Sadi was out of her car and running to help Myntilly and Durilin. I was still trying to gain my feet from the cars colliding.

I had a chance to look at the creature that attacked my friends. It was dark and leathery looking. Sort of like a sail with tentacles. I joined Sadi beside the car. She’d dropped her bow in favor of her sword.

I faintly heard Myntilly yell “Magic missile!” And then Durilin’s axe sliced through part of the creature. Its tentacles immediately relaxed.



“Gross. What is that thing?” I turned to Acgar, who was standing on the other side of the car.

“I would guess it’s a darkmantle. This is the right habitat. They enjoy dark…..”

The rest of her words were muffled as darkness enveloped me.

Terror inspired me to flail at it with my mace and I succeeded in hitting myself on the head hard enough to fall over.

D&D minis image 5


I opened my eyes to darkness.

I opened my mouth to scream and found no air.

My hands tried to find purchase on the leathery skin of the darkmantle.

I whimpered in panic.

And suddenly there was daylight. Rescue, release had come in the form of Myntilly and Brus.

D&D minis image6


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