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The Disappointment of the Robe

Posted in: Play by Ariel on September 3, 2009

Myntilly tries on the robe

Myntilly tries on the robe

When we were settling down for the night Myntilly pulled the new robe from her pack.

It was truly lovely. A rich yellow silk with green stitching.

Was it worth the wish? Myntilly wanted to find out.

“Don’t you want to make sure it’s not cursed before you put it on?” Acgar asked this over her shoulder as she lay down on her pallet.

“I did a couple of passes over it. It’s not magic, not exactly. But I am hoping that it will resize when I put it on. It’s a very nice robe.”

It doesn't fit.

It doesn't fit.

I winced, worried that something bad was about to happen.

“It doesn’t fit.”

Theresa piped up. “I’ll buy it off you. Um, how abooooout 5 gold pieces?”

Buzz snorted. “Ian? Hey bud, isn’t that sweet little stable gal a gnome, too? Maybe a little something to bring to her, eh?”
Ian blushed and didn’t answer.
Myntilly shook off her disappointment and folded the robe carefully.
“Ian, I hope it brings you better luck.”

As I closed my eyes I heard Lingaub say to Buzz, “Should have wished for three wishes!”

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