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Farastu Attack!

Posted in: Play by Ariel on August 29, 2009


We were still talking about the wish while walking back down the hall. Durilin and Ian stopped at a patch of rough stone. “Yes! You can still hear it!” Ian gestured for Sadi to come up beside him. “Do you hear it?”
Sadi put her ear to the stone. Her face curled up. “It sounds like Obi drinking water.”
Durilin nodded. “Oh yeah. I was thinking goats being milked, but the same concept.”

“We don’t know what’s there, but we think we can bring the all down pretty easily.” Ian ran his hands over the stone.
Durilin nodded. “<Grund and grong>, as my grandmother used to say. Nice and easy.”

They worked for a few minutes and then, as if opening a door, the stone fell forward into a chamber.

beyond the wallThere was a moment of silence as the rocks finished tumbling to the marble floor. And we realized what was making the noises. There were two goblins and three tall creatures, all black and glossy and their feet stuck to the ground. As they lifted a foot to move, the sucking noise happened.
“What in Pelor’s name….?” My mouth hung open.
“<Grobi>” Durilin’s voice was grim. “That doesn’t really help me.” Buzz’s voice sounded from the back. “What the hell are they?”
“I believe <grobi> is dwarvish for goblin. Begging your pardon, Lingaub.” Acgar bowed in his direction. “Those,” she pointed to the tall, black creatures, “those are Farastu.”

Ian fumbled in his bag. “Is that tar? Are they covered in tar?”
“Farastu, also known as tarry demodand have a tar-like secretion that –” Ian cut Acgar short. “That’s great. Thanks.” And he lobbed an acorn at the one on the left. It immediately caught fire. He turned to me. “I love fire seed. And don’t worry! I have quench prepared as well.”

flames3Over his words, I heard the sqwilching sound of the Farastu walking. It was headed right towards Ian. Lingaub shot a magic missile from the wand we gave him. Myntilly did a sound lance. That didn’t stop the Farastu from pulling Ian into a bear hug. Poor Ian, he’d barely survived the last time he’d been grappled.

Sadi began to whistle. She pulled a bead from her necklace and tossed it towards the back of the room. The bead exploded in a ball of fire. To continue the blaze, I pulled a flamestrike down on the goblins and the other Farastu. Durilin, who was beside me, let out a yell and buried her axe in the Farastu attacking Ian. I couldn’t tell that it did anything except lodge her axe in the gooey tar of the creature’s body.

ian afterAcgar strode past me and slammed her Holy Avenger sword into the Farastu. Like Durilin, she had trouble extracting it. The tarry substance was playing hell on our weapons. Luckily the Farastu collapsed in a heap on top of Ian, so after pulling the body off Ian, Acgar and Durilin were able to grab their blades.

Lingaub came up beside Acgar. “Loot?”
“Not yet”, said Acgar grimly. “We have a little more work to do.

brusOnce he realized that Ian was OK, Brus thundered through the door and leaped at the last goblin standing. As Brus’ teeth bit into the goblin’s neck, I heard Lingaub say “Farewell, child of Drakthar.”

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