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Lava in the Streets

Posted in: Play by Ariel on August 7, 2009


As we rounded a corner, so close to our destination, we discovered that lava had bubbled up and flowed into the street. The heat coming off it was amazing.

At first all I could think of was how tired I was. We”d had a busy morning already. And then I realized that there were people on the lava flow! We had to rescue them.

lava victimsA few had sunk into the lava. Their clothes were smoking and I thought they were unconscious. Others were standing quite still on top of the lava. I was reminded of the one time I”ve seen an ice covered lake. The people were trying to gently move and not break the ice.

The goblins, blessed their little souls decided to help out with a bucket brigade. They slowly inched out on to the lava, cooling it one bucket of water at a time.

Ian summoned a water elemental and had it touch down near the townspeople. Myntilly flew out to the center of the flow, trying to save the two people stuck in the middle and sinking fast. She was only able to recover their bodies, unfortunately.

I shed my armor as fast as I could and walked out onto the lava flow. I cast ice shield on myself. I reasoned that if the lava hurt me, it would take cold damage and thereby cool down. I moved with slow deliberate steps. Only once did the footing seem treacherous and, by the will of Pelor, I was spared any burns. A few of the goblins were burned and as I worked to heal them, one of the taller ones stayed at my side. As near as I can pronounce his name is Grruk. He speaks some Common and to help keep everyone calm, I talked with him as I treated his friends and brothers. Soft, soothing voice, slow steady movements. I didn”t want a goblin stampede on my hands. Well the side effect of the time spent is that http://www.phpaide.com/download.php?langue=fr&id=13 Grruk says he wants to know more about my god, that a god with a powerful healer might be worth noticing. I will encourage his interest as best I can.

After that ordeal, and the two preceding, I just wanted a change of clothes and some quiet contemplation. When we got to the temple, with 15 goblins in tow, well it caused a stir. Buzz greeted us with a smile and immediately began flipping coins with the three goblin leaders. He says it”s a common game among the goblin tribes.

Kristoff came out to the garden and stopped dead when he saw the goblin troupe. He hurried over to me. “What is this?” He hissed in my ear, pulling me aside. “Kristoff, these are goblins who”ve been working under the city, in Drakthar”s way. They will stay here the night and in the morn– ”
His eyes got wide. “Stay here? Stay here? By who”s authority will they be staying here, Indira? Hmm? Junior cleric, Indira Burningwood, who says they are staying here?”
“Kristoff, I don”t want to play any power games with you, OK? It”s important. Isn”t that enough for you?”
“You have finally gone to far. I am going to write to the Council.” And with that he stormed off.

Lady Hollyamber Swordhand, a fellow cleric, came up beside, looking at Kristoff”s retreating back. She laid her hand on my arm. “Don”t worry, daughter. I”ll talk with him later.” She turned and looked into my eyes. “You presume too much, though. Imagine his life, yes? His duty is to the temple and her people, to Cauldron and its souls. Kristoff is yoked to the day to day. You fly off to glory and riches, but that does not make you his superior. In Cauldron he is your spiritual father.”
With that she walked away, leaving me to the silence of my own mind.


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