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Posted in: Play by Ariel on August 1, 2009

Quinlan chuckled to himself as he walked away. Myntilly turned to me. “The goblins have a court date?”
“It’s the first I’ve heard about, too. OK? We’ll go to the temple. We can leave them there while we check out the Silk Merchant’s.”

We hadn’t gotten too far down Obsidian Avenue when we felt a series of after shocks. The ground rolled beneath our feet. As we turned the corner, we found a gaping chasm where the street had been.


“There are people down there. Oh crap, there are people down there!” Myntilly hurriedly flung her pack to the ground. “Rope! Give me rope.”

Ian peered over the edge. “A couple of people unconscious. Half a dozen standing.” The ground shook again and Acgar quickly grabbed Ian’s cloak before he tumbled into the ravine. “I would guess that this gap will close fairly quickly. Hamouk! Let’s ride.”

brus and goblinsMyntilly pulled out her rope ladder. The goblins and Brus hurried over to hold the ladder steady. Acgar flew Hamouk into the chasm. “Go to the ladder! Please go to the ladder.” She landed and grabbed one of the unconscious people and tied him on.

Myntilly and Ian flew down and tried to calm the few hysterical people. I was standing at the top of that 30 foot drop, conscious that I was not helping in any way. Certainly when the first of the injured were rescued I could heal them, but until then…. I started towards the rope and stopped. I thought to myself, “Remember the last time you climbed a rope.” The cries of the trapped people reached my ears. As if by divine guidance I thought about the griffon. Summon monster; summon griffon. “Pelor, bring me wings of light!”
The griffon appeared before me. I bowed my head in thanks and whispered, “The unconscious ones first, please.”

victimsAs he flew down, the ground shook again. The edge seemed to shift a bit. I turned to the goblins. “Is the gap closing?” They stared at me silently. “I said, is the gap CLOSING?”
One with a shiny helmet ran over to me. “Yes, this one thinks so, friend of Shining One.”
“Well, we better hurry up then,” I said, stating the obvious.
He nodded and scurried back to the rope. The first of the townspeople were just getting to the top of the ridge. Acgar landed with one of the unconscious. The griffon landed right beside her, with a person in each claw. “How we doing? How many left?”
Myntilly gently landed beside me. “We’re getting there. I swear the walls are closing in.” She knelt beside her charge and healed him. I bent to the task, as well. It would be no good to rescue them from the hole only to have them bleed to death at the top.

hamouk griffonAcgar, Hamouk and the griffon dove into the chasm once more. Ian hovered over the gap. “Myntilly! There’s another hysterical one. Will you….?” She nodded and leapt over the side.

I heard an angry squawk. My knees shook as I neared the edge. I decided that dignity didn’t matter and I dropped to my hands and knees. I saw the griffon fighting with one of the remaining people. He was waving his arms at the griffon and trying to run for the ladder. The griffon screamed again and grabbed the man in his talon. The last of the people were coming out of the chasm. We’d saved the people!
I bowed to the griffon. “Thank you, my friend. Go with god.”

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1 Comment

  1. I can’t believe that after all the activity to the site after the Mercury article, no one has seen fit to comment on this post.

    Look at the realism in the chasm! Behold the amazing rope ladder Myntilly has! Marvel at the unconscious and frantic LEGO citizens whose inappropriate smiles confuse the issue!

    The last picture shows 1) an unconscious citizen being rescued by Hamouk, 2) two citizen climbing the rope ladder, 3) a struggling frantic citizen being grappled and rescued by the griffin, and 4) the clear and present danger of the closing chasm (just compare with the picture above).

    Perhaps readers were just overwhelmed to speechlessness by jealousy at the amount of fun we are having.

    Comment by Dyskko — August 5, 2009 @ 7:59 am

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