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Spell: Atonement

Posted in: Fluff,Life,Meta-gaming by Ariel on July 7, 2009

Everyone keeps saying that Indira’s the moral compass of the group. So I feel kinda bad about cajoling everyone into destroying the Jasidian temple. I mean, I’m glad we did it, but I feel kinda bad about it.

So it occurred to me that I could ask Tad to cast atonement on Indira. Druids can do that spell, too. I mentioned this to Sarah because I know that both she and her character Acgar (the paladin, I might add!) are a bit put out by the whole “lawlessness” thing. Speaking of that, I wonder if I can still get that warg puppy. I did take ranks in “handle animal”.

So Sarah’s reaction was lukewarm to this idea. She said, “Have you even read the spell?”
“Yes! Of course…. I skimmed it.”
“I think it’s going to take more than a spell. I don’t think your heart is in it.”
“No! Really. I want to atone. I feel really badly about the temple. Really.” My words felt lame even to me.

So here I sit with the Player’s Handbook, open to the spell section. I wonder if geas is the way to go?

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