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"Shoot the Gasping Dying"

Posted in: Play by Ariel on July 5, 2009

group 2We decided to split up. Acgar and I took some rope and Myntilly”s grappling hook and went back to the front entrance. There were holes in the ceiling and we thought to surprise and flank any enemies who would be expecting us to go up the stairs.

Brus, Ian, Myntilly and Sadi went up the stairs.

I did not have telepathic bond ready, so Myntilly set up a message spell between us.

After a few tries I was able to join Acgar upstairs. We found ourselves in a small chamber, surrounded by curtains. I yanked at the curtains in front of me, setting off a fresh tinkle of little bells. I found myself in a passage way with a wall on one side and a curtain on the other. I turned around to say something to Acgar and realized she was not behind me. I heard her call my name, as if from a great distance. “Acgar!” I called. But I heard no response.
“Lost.” I messaged Myntilly. For the first time, I wished for a sword. I wanted to slice through these cursed curtains. The air was oppressive and sound was muffled. “Monks.” Myntilly replied to me.
Again I thought I heard Acgar. This time her voice seemed to come from my left. There was a wall to my left, so I was really confused. “Oh bugger!” I cried as I yanked at the curtains.

Suddenly I saw Acgar. She was squared off against a gnome with a falchion. The curved blade looked extra sharp. She lunged at him with her spear and he suddenly walked up the wall! I was so surprised that the hold person I was about to cast left my mind. I ran and jumped to try to yank him from the ceiling. I only succeeded in grabbing Affordable health cheap health insurance is defined as 8% of your income. his sword, but that was a start. I yelled in triumph and slammed the point into the wooden floor. Acgar took the moment and stabbed the gnome with her spear. He groaned and hung almost limp. I grabbed his hands and pulled him from the ceiling. He landed on top of me, bleeding all over my tabard.

As I got to my feet I told Acgar about Myntilly”s message. “We need to get to them.” She looked at the far wall. “There”s a door there.” I looked at her, puzzled. “How do you know?”
“I”m not all dragon, you know! Doesn”t anyone remember that I”m half elf, too?”

victoryAcgar pushed on the hidden door. “It”s stuck. Something”s on the other side.” We pushed together, finally getting the door to move. I hastily messaged: “Coming through the door!” When we finally got it to move, a man”s limp body fell through the opening. We climbed over him and into another situation entirely.

What we saw was unbelievable. There was blood everywhere. And bodies. I counted eight bodies. Sadi was sending arrows into the fallen enemies. “I thought it best to shoot the gasping dying. They might be faking it.”
“What happened to him?” I pointed at the body between Ian and Brus. “Um, acid. Orb of acid. And Brus took his head off.” Ian moved closer to Brus. “I think he might have gotten splashed by some acid. Does anyone have a towel?”

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