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Sasserine, the Big City

Posted in: Play by Ariel on June 23, 2009

arrivalOur arrival in Sasserine was fairly uneventful. Ian and the animals arrived separately. He used a special “travel by tree” spell that only druids know. It saved us from buying another scroll, so I didn’t argue. He assured us that the costal Cotter pine is all over Sasserine. when we arrived, dead on target (thank you, Myntilly!), the first thing Sadi said is “There are no trees.” I looked around. “There are trees over there.” Buzz pointed behind us, over the water to the opposite shore. ” Acgar asked, in a serious tone, “Can camels swim?”


Tea With the Vanderbornes

Posted in: Play by Ariel on June 19, 2009

Michelle all dolled up copyWhen I saw Mrs. Vanderborne in such a fine gown, I felt woefully underdressed. I had donned by nicest tabard, the one with the golden sun stitched on the front. It was shabby in comparison to our hosts.

The Vanderbornes had asked us to stop b so they could thank us for recovering Todd’s body. “It was really Acgar that deserves the thanks,” I told Mr. Vanderborne as he poured tea.


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