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[meta] Silliness Around the Table

Posted in: Fluff,Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on June 25, 2009

Oskar Vhalantru

Oskar Vhalantru

This week’s game was sillier than usual. Maybe because we had a full house. Susan is back with us after a 3-month hiatus. Ashley, done with finals, was able to make the game. We were all delighted to be together again.

At the moment our story has taken us on a quest that includes discovering some backstory on the powerful and shadowy Lord Vhalantru. Last week we discovered a wedding announcement from 15 years ago. And I asked Michelle, out of curiosity, “What’s Lord Vhalantru’s first name?” She checked her notes. “He doesn’t have one.”

So this week, again we find our story entwined with Lord Vhalantru’s story. And we discover that (spoiler alert!) the real Vhalantru was murdered and someone or something has taken on his likeness!

So Michelle shows us a picture of the young Vhalantru, and again we’re like “This guy must have a first name!” I think Ashley started to softly sing, “My Vhalantru has a first name it’s O S C A R…..” Well, it was all over — nothing would do but that his first name would be Oscar. “No,” I said. “Make it ‘Oskar’. Much more classy.” Then we find out he has a brother! A long lost brother. Um and his name? “Mayer”, of course!

And here’s a bonus bit of silliness — taking a beholder when you camp.Dixie helps make breakfast


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  1. If you want more silliness… http://www.pawpet.tv is a good place to start.

    Comment by Aegis J. Hyena — June 27, 2009 @ 7:45 am

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