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Tea With the Vanderbornes

Posted in: Play by Ariel on June 19, 2009

Michelle all dolled up copyWhen I saw Mrs. Vanderborne in such a fine gown, I felt woefully underdressed. I had donned by nicest tabard, the one with the golden sun stitched on the front. It was shabby in comparison to our hosts.

The Vanderbornes had asked us to stop b so they could thank us for recovering Todd’s body. “It was really Acgar that deserves the thanks,” I told Mr. Vanderborne as he poured tea.

To their credit the Vanderbornes didn’t bat an eye when they met Acgar. Many people are put off by her size.
Acgar gave me a side glance at my words. She smiled and said, “No truly, it was Indira. If not for her passionate nature, well, it is hard to say what might have happened to Todd’s body.”

Myntilly squeezed Mrs. Vanderborne’s hand. “He died a hero.”
“Yeah,” said Sadi. “He was very good with a blade.”
Mr. Vanderborne cocked his head. “Yes! I remember Todd telling us about the duel after Gryffon’s wedding.” He sighed. “Todd was always hot blooded. I remember the day we brought him home from the orphanage….”
“Dear, we don’t want to bore the Divas to death! Ask Sally to bring the present in.”

A few minutes later a serving woman came in with a wrapped package. She handed it to Myntilly. “This is a token of our thanks. Please accept it.” As Myntilly unwrapped it, Mrs. Vanderborne went on. “We have heard about some of your adventures and we thought that although you have not yet fought him, that Hookface was a worthy subject for a wall hanging.”


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