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Nerull, Foe of All Good

Posted in: Play by Ariel on June 6, 2009

As the battle of the bones ended, I walked up to the prone body of the cleric. Sadi had done a great job of putting arrows in him. I could tell he was bleeding out so I knelt and stabilized him. By the scar on his face, a patch of melted skin, I knew this was the man that Fario & Felian had pursued into the jungle. He wore the symbol of Nerull on his chest. I felt a moment of dizziness: for just a second he looked like my sister Persia.

I blinked to clear my vision and noticed the mace at his side. It was a large, ugly thing. Waves of evil shimmered from it like heat. “Throw it away! Destroy it!” I thought to myself.

I found a scrap of cloth in my kit and wrapped it around my hand. I didn’t want to touch the thing directly. Various came up as I was lifting the mace. “That is one powerful weapon. But I’m not sure you can wield it. I know you’ve been a bit out of alignment, so to speak, but really my dear, an evil weapon is not for you.” I grimaced at the weight of the mace. “I am not going to use it.” I walked toward the river and she followed. “I am going to keep it from doing any more harm.”

“A mace like that,” she said, “would fetch a lot of money.” I stopped and turned angrily. “Fine! Take it out of my part of the loot. Some things are more -” Various interrupted. “Do you have 20,000 gp? That’s probably what Skye would give us for it.” My shoulders drooped. “20,000?” Sadi overheard the talk of money. “That thing is worth 20,000 gp? Put it in the bag of holding. We’ll sell that bad boy!”
“It’s evil!” My hand gripped the handle tighter. I wanted to smash something in frustration. For a moment I thought about swinging the mace at Sadi’s head. “Holy god! Don’t you understand what this weapon has done? The evil it has wrought?” Sadi snorted. “I know what we could do with 20 thousand.” I started to move my arm up. The mace was very heavy compared to mine.

Various stepped forward, between me and Sadi. She looked hard at the weapon and then she searched my face. “Do you trust Skye? She would be a good steward. We can sell it to her, knowing that it’s days of killing are over.” She touched my arm and I felt like cool water had splashed over me. “Yes. I do trust Skye. Yes.” And I let Various put the mace in the bag.


  1. I hope that mace doesn’t turn out to control its wielder. I’ve seen too many good characters ruined because someone pulled the old cliche in order to corrupt someone to evil.

    (I don’t have an email for getting in touch with any of you for sharing my ideas, either — someone want to pass me one so I can send some text files?)

    Also, do any of you use Second Life? You could build the representations of things there; there’s a -lot- of fantasy based things there…

    Comment by Aegis J. Hyena — June 6, 2009 @ 11:48 am

  2. Michelle the DM says,
    “You can reach me at Dyskko@gmail.com

    Comment by Dyskko — June 7, 2009 @ 9:42 pm

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