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Kingfisher Hollow, Undead Infestation

Posted in: Play by Ariel on May 22, 2009

It felt good to get out of Cauldron. It’s been a busy couple of days, what with assassination attempts, arson and jail time. It’s good to be on the road again. According to the Herald, Kingfisher Hollow is having serious undead issues. Although I wouldn’t admit this to my friends, I’m thankful to have a chance to smite some undead. I have felt a disconnect with Pelor and doing his good work will, I hope, bring me back into his full light.

Kingfisher Hollow is Ian’s hometown — we promised to help him. And we had a chance almost immediately.


As we crossed a bridge over Red river, we saw a misty form in the distance. Sadi, with her archer’s eyes, saw that it was a ghostly woman.

When she said that, I could suddenly see the human form inside the mist. I turned to my friends. “How do you fight a ghost?” Various patted my arm. “They are just as undead as zombies, sweetie. Just do your little sunshine hoo-ha and they will go Poof!” My fingers tightened around my symbol of Pelor. “Hoo-ha? You know this is powerful –” Myntilly snapped her fingers. “There are more of them. Let’s move.”

distant-enemiesThe other two looked more like walking dead, so I felt more comfortable with how this fight would go. We moved closer. Ian rolled off to the left, toward a stand of trees. At about the same time, Sadi lobbed one of her fireball beads, aiming to catch the undead knight. She did some damage, but she also caught fire to a couple of trees. Acgar moved in close to engage the ghostly woman. Myntilly set her sights on the mummy that was slowing walking towards us. She unleashed her lightning spell and the mummy glowed for a moment. It kept walking towards us and I heard Sadi say, “Gah! It’s just so gross! The way it shambles along. Make it stop!”
Various threw her arm up and said, “Maybe this will help! If they can’t see, maybe they won’t move.”

ian1Off to the left, Ian was dodging through the trees avoiding the undead knight. The knight was slashing at the foliage, trying to get a good swing at him. Brus, sensing the danger to his friend, was turning away from the mummy.

I cast my fire shield and tried to get to a spot within 60 feet of all three undead. I could try to turn or destroy them all if I could get close enough. I came up beside Acgar who was jabbing her magic spear at the ghost. With each jab, the ghost seemed a little less real. I held my sun symbol over my head, my fingers laced through the rays of light. “Hear me, foul fiends! Begone, in the name of the father of light!”

knightI was gratified to see the knight crumple and turn to dust inside his armor. I couldn’t see Ian, but I was pretty sure, even without status, that he was OK.

I turned back toward the main battle. The ghost had locked eyes with Acgar. Who knows what she thought she’d accomplish with that, but it wasn’t working. Acgar continued to jab at her and she got more and more faint.

Suddenly we saw two people running towards us. Behind them, in pursuit, were four dinosaurs. They were about 50 or 60 feet away from us, but at that distance I could see the blood flowing from several wounds. Who they were didn’t matter — they needed help and healing.

As I started toward them, I saw stunned to see Ian appear beside one of the fellows.


His crossbow was in his hands and at first I was unsure what he planned to do. Was he going to shoot the man beside him? And then in the next instant, he fired at one of the dinos.

As I started to run, I heard Various behind me. “Tsk, tsk, more enemies? (Sigh) Then more glitter dust!” And she threw her hands up again. The closer I got to the men, I realized two things — 1. the dinos were all blinded and 2. these were half-elves, our old friends Felian and his brother Fario.

With our combined effort, we made short work of the rest of the undead. Sadi stood over one of the dinosaurs. She shuddered. Various came up beside her. “Didn’t one of these creatures bite you in half once? I’ve been meaning to interview you about reincarnation….”

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  1. Came here quite by accident, but I’ll stay for the adventure — I stopped playing at 3.0, myself. Good luck to the adventuring team, and I do have some ideas for side quests if you would like me to bounce them off of you (one of them a particulaly nasty one involving Yuan-Ti…)

    Comment by Aegis J. Hyena — May 26, 2009 @ 8:28 pm

  2. Funny, yuan-ti were featured at the beginning of the adventure…


    Comment by Dyskko — May 26, 2009 @ 9:54 pm

  3. Aegis J. Hyena — Hi! Thanks for the comment. I’ve only DMed our group once for a little side encounter, but I’d love any ideas you want to share. I appreciate the offer!

    Comment by Indira — May 27, 2009 @ 7:00 am

  4. Email me, or hit me at my AIM screen name (Succubus Rydia) and I’ll go over an idea or three with you.

    d4d6d8d10d12d20@hotmail.com (yes, I’m surprised it wasn’t taken either.)

    Comment by Aegis J. Hyena — May 28, 2009 @ 12:33 am

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