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[meta] Better Living Through Chemistry

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming by Ariel on May 15, 2009

(left to right)Tad, Beth, Taj, Angel, Sarah, Michelle and Michelle

(left to right) Tad, Beth, Taj, Angel, Sarah, Michelle and Michelle's husband, Kevin

Wednesday night was the big night. We set fire to the Temple of Wee Jas.

Here”s a picture , or a line up, of the culprits for this deed.

It was a cool night and a little rainy so we bundled up. A few of us had our safety goggles on early, but why not be safe?

Taj, the help of her husband Jim, spent about 21 hours lovingly crafting the temple.

While we talked inside , Taj made a few last minute adjustments to the model.

Minor adjustments

Minor adjustments

We roleplayed the arguments between Indira and Acgar. I still wondered if the temple in-game would get destroyed as easily as the model temple in real life.

As Indira, I didn”t need to convince Sarah”s paladin Acgar to agree with the plan; I just needed to ensure that she wouldn”t stop me. I felt that the others were just tipped in my favor and that they could be easily swayed.

And then, we looked at the evidence! Suddenly the pally was on board. The Temple of Wee Jas was going down!

40 years woth of letters

40 years worth of letters

The evidence was amazing. Michelle included about a dozen letters between Fetor Abradius, apprentice to Shebeleth Regidin and Embril Aloustinai, a cleric (and later head cleric) of Wee Jas. Also, in the lower left corner are blueprints for the addition of the spire. Hammertacker Construction did the job, but then, they do most construction in the area. We also found a receipt from a certain mattress company. The receipt was for 40 mattresses, of varying sizes, delivered to Orak”s Bathhouse. I bet that area under Orak”s needs more exploring.



Here”s the temple, before the thermite.

You can see it”s all glossy and standing up straight….

Below, you see it after we set fire to it, um three or four times. Not so glossy, eh?

We really didn”t know what would happen. Would dental plastic explode from the intense heat? Would it melt? Angel had the fire extinguisher on hand in case things got weird.

And the most important part is that the supporting columns inside, the ones holding up that new spire, well, they are on the ground.

We have a lot to shift through next week!



We think that someone was in the cage.

We think that someone was in the cage.

One body was in the wreckage. Is that one of the assassins?

One body was in the wreckage. Is that one of the assassins?


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