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Mud Bath, Blood Bath

Posted in: Play by Ariel on May 1, 2009

crowd-copy(Not pictured: Sadi who was up on the balcony and Acgar who was graciously coming to help us even though she disagrees with what we’re doing.)

I bellowed in triumph, knowing that we would prevail against these foes. Thanks to god and my friends, we were winning this unexpected battle. Various had blinded a few of the guards. Myntilly threw orb after orb of acid at the one standing giant. Ian and Brus took on a couple of the guards. Qwerty was trying to distract the giant with jokes.

fight3As the three guards tried to bring me down, Various flew closer and cast grease on a few of the guards.

Suddenly my fight looked much better: I had one guard down, one guard blind and the other was slightly dazed.

Sadi had a guard sneak up the stairs behind her as she was letting her arrows fly. He tried to stab her, but luckily Various’ grease spell had caught him as well. He slipped and in doing so made enough noise to alert Sadi. She swiftly turned around and fired three arrows at him. One or two hit before he rolled down the stairs.

The grease worked on the giant as well. He was on one knee, trying to get up when suddenly the rock that Myntilly was standing one became a geyser of mud!

mud31He had been able to cast (I found out later) transmutate. The rock became a geyser of mud that shot 100 feet into the air. It must have felt like the temple ceiling rushed towards Myntilly. She was able to tumble away and avoid being crushed by the force of the mud.

mud41I was facing the right way to see the rock blow up. I almost dropped my mace. I was that surprised. I didn’t know rock could do that.

I was surprised a second time as the prone guard swept his sword at my feet and I landed on my back. The breath was knocked out of me for a moment.

The blinded guard roared out and brought his sword down in a killing arc. He caught my leg just above the knee and I screamed and grabbed my leg.

trip-attackVarious flew back down, behind the dazed guard. She sent a wave of colored light out of her wand. From my vantage point on the ground, I could see the color swirl around both guards’ heads.

One dropped his weapon as he tried to grab the waves of color. That gave me just the time I needed to inch away and heal my leg. I said the words through gritted teeth. It was possibly the most painful wound I’ve yet taken.

mud6When I was on my feet again I realized that Acgar and Hamouk had joined the fight! I smiled with relief. Although she’d disapproved of our, OK my, actions, here she was to help us out of a bad situation. She flew in and landed on one of the guards.

The giant turned kitten was squirming in Qwerty’s arms. The geyser of mud had become a pool of mud that oozed across the temple floor. The giant’s feet were at the edge of the mess. Myntilly floated a few feet above it. Again she hit the giant with acid. When the giant fell, it was as if the others took it as a signal. The three guards around me all tried to run away at the same time.

Various giggled at the sight and wiggled her wand again. One guard slipped and landed face down. She’d greased his shoes.after

I had cast sun scepter and a ghostly mace was banging down on one guard’s head as he tried to run.

So I turned to the last of the three. I called down flamestrike on him! It was as if he were suddenly bathed in a bright shaft of sunlight. He fell down and didn’t move.

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