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Inside the Temple of Wee Jas

Posted in: Play by Ariel on April 25, 2009

parade“Who has the hat of disguise?” I raised my hand. “Good,” said Myntilly, “let’s use that to bluff the guards .”

We made our way through the streets of Cauldron, heading to the Jasidian temple. We discussed strategy on the way. The group hung back. I donned the hat and Myntilly cast disguise on herself.

“Second shift! Here’s your relief come at last.” We climbed the steps to stand beside the half-orc guards. “We’re not getting relieved. Are we?” One guard turned to the other.


Preparation for Our Night's Work

Posted in: Play by Ariel on April 25, 2009

We expected a few guards to be inside the Jasidian temple the night before Solstice.rock-attack We didn’t expect six guards and two stone giants.

It was a great plan — a quick disguise to fool the two half-orcs out front of the temple and then, bam! we’re inside. The first part was fine; we just hadn’t planned on six more guards and the giants.

I’ll begin at the beginning.


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