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More Trouble at The Trumpet*

Posted in: Play by Ariel on April 9, 2009

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It seemed like a good idea. “Let’s go see Dyskko perform at the Brass Trumpet!” Who knew that it would be the death of one of us?

As you can see, it was a setup.

crowd2-plus-copy4We settled in to our seats. Buzz and I found seats right up front. Acgar was behind us and Various wandered up (invisible) to stand beside Acgar. As you can see in the picture, Ian was on Buzz’s left. Sadi, as usual, hung back by the door. It turns out that was a damned good thing.

I’d like to think that Dyskko had nothing to do with this. We will know more in the morning when we question him and the two surviving assassins. It was an innocent evening out in Cauldron. A spoken word concert at the Brass Trumpet, our old friend Dyskko performing. I asked Buzz to come along. I wanted the Divas to see how far he’d come in his training. I hoped that I could convince Buzz and my friends that we could use a secondary healer.

Dyskko saw us come in. He came running over and gave me a big hug. I introduced him to Buzz. He was drinking one of those god-awful Cauldron Sunrises that he likes so much. Fruity, sugary, non-alcoholic…. why bother? We chatted for a few minutes and then he excused himself to get back to setting up the stage. As he left Buzz leaned over and said “What was that he was drinking?” I nodded. “It’s a Cauldron Sunrise. I know, gross huh? Why bother if there is no alcohol?” Buzz pulled back to look at me. “Um, you didn’t smell his breath? I thought I might get a contact high.”

Before I could explore this mystery, the house lights dimmed. The stage lights glowed and grew bright. Dyskko had learned a few new tricks since I’d seen him last. Suddenly the heavy beat of a drum filled the air. I felt like I was inside a beating heart. I suddenly felt exhausted. My limbs grew heavy and my breastplate felt like a boulder on my chest. I was overcome with a sense of embarrassment. A big bad hero gets overwhelmed by a little music? I tried to inconspicuously remove my breastplate. I thought I would topple over if I tried to stand, so I slumped sideways and undid the clasps. Acgar leaned forward, hand on my shoulder, “What’s wrong?” she yelled in my ear. “Weak.” I managed to say.

Later she told me that she assumed I’d been hit by a ray of enfeeblement. She cast around, sensing evil in several places in the room. The strongest was from the two gentlemen at the table in front of us. That was odd, we mused later, since they did not attack us.


Dyskko was finishing his tale about the sea serpent. I wish Cinder had been there to hear it. The crowd clapped wildly. As the noise died down, I heard Sadi yell from the back “Hydra! Hydra!” Dyskko smiled. “Well, I hadn’t prepared the Hydra story but…..” And he launched into the story of the Hydra. He hadn’t gotten very far when a hail of ice shards rained down on us. It seemed centered on our table. Buzz was knocked down by a few large chunks. I felt blood on the side of my face. Acgar came up beside me. “You’ve been hurt badly. Hold on.” And she laid hands on me. I felt instantly better. “Thank you, my friend.”

The crowd began to move. People were panicked by the ice. Suddenly the house lights came on. Dyskko jumped off the stage and ran to the two men in front of us.


I couldn’t hear him over the noise, but he was shaking his head and waving his arms. I leaned down to Buzz. He was just sitting up. “Here” I said as I healed him. And then I moved towards my old friend Dyskko. I was thankful that I’d shed my breastplate. I could actually move with some speed without the weight of it.

Once I was standing beside Dyskko, looking out at the crowd, I got a new perspective on what was happening. People were running to the exit, jumping out the windows. It was madness. As I watched, I saw that some people were coming into the building. At the time I had no idea if they were friend or foe. Another wave of ice fell from the ceiling. I saw that a group of people off to the right of the stage had all waved their arms in unison as the spell began. A whole group of assassin spell casters? God help us!

Sadi had, as usual, kept a cool head. I could see her outside the building shooting in through the broken window. As her arrows hit the group of spell casters , they popped out of existence. I did not have time to puzzle that out. The ice had hurt me badly. I turned my back on the scene, the better to concentrate. As I healed myself, I prayed, “May I find blessing in your sight, oh Lord.” It felt as through warm water coursed through my body. When I turned back, the scene had changed some. I could not see Buzz. Acgar was dueling — her longspear was a blur.

wind-walkI took a deep breath and walked to Acgar’s side. She was battling a man in a gray helm. I realized that she was floating in the air. I frowned but reached up and touched her foot to heal her. As I drew my hand away, I felt a blow on my back. I turned to see a man in a horned helm swinging a greatsword at me. I threw my arms up to protect my face. I remember thinking Where is my mace? And the world went black.

To be continued……

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