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April Fools!

Posted in: Fluff,Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by relientKitten on April 2, 2009

I”ve been wanting to run a night for the Divas since I first started playing. These gals are so much fun to hang outimg_01011 with, I thought it would be a neat experience to see what DMing a group of women would be like. My chance finally came! Michelle was out of town tonight and allowed me to sub, whee!

It was Beth who suggested an April Fools game, it being the 1st and all. I got to thinking, “Yeah, that”d be neat. Maybe we could start a charity fund to get the orcs proper education and jobs or something.” Michelle, being the awesome DM she is, allowed me some creative liberties with what we would experience in the Tipped Tankard. We”d just been discussing Various” plans involving Dire Bunnies on Occipitus, so maybe we could have some fun dire-bunny attacks (this was also lightly fueled by the fact I”d just recently watched all the way through, finally, Monty Python and the Holy Grail).

A search of the interweb didn”t bring much as far as Dire Bunny stat blocks. I finally found a promissing basic Bunny stat block and planned to give it the Dire template and advance it. Too much work, though. With a blast of inspiration, I checked google for “”easter bunny” stats dungeons and dragons”… and low and behold… someone had thought of it.

He was a bit weaker than what I was asked to throw at these gals, so add a Fiendish Template and some more HP and, ta-da! April Fools!

What to do about loot… well, the Easter Bunny always has a basket of eggs. So, in the spirit of Michelle and her awesome props, I grabbed my kitty cat basket from the front desk at work, hunted high-and-low through Safeway for plastic eggs, and Top UK Casinos filled them with their treasure.


Each of 10 eggs had an item in it (or a slip of paper that described the item, at least) and two more were full of gems. There was loot for everyone, even those who could not make it tonight.

To be honest, I was a little worried as our normal party of 8 was down to 4 and a half as Beth, Tad, and Megan were all out (the half was due to a quickly-made Radiant Servant to stand in for the real Indira, who was played quite wonderfully by Lucas (thanks honey!)). Everything was just fine, though. I really had to put on some creative juices, though. How does an 11 foot tall bunny hop around an inn? He doesn”t… he scoots around by sticking out his feet and then dragging his butt behind him. Threw you ladies off the trail with that one, huh? ^_~

Thank you all for letting me run; it was a great time! I hope everyone enjoys their loots and XP. I”ll be glad for Michelle to be back, though; running my character and bad guys makes me feel like I have a split personality. o.o


  1. Wonderful pictures! Sorry I missed it. I am officially a snot machine so I could have maybe used that as a ranged touch attack…. Hmmm, for next April Fool’s?

    Comment by Indira — April 2, 2009 @ 6:36 am

  2. We missed you! So sorry you had to get the crud, since this was all your idea! Hope you don’t mind your new cousin… or is she really your cousin? **shifty eyes**

    Comment by relientKitten — April 2, 2009 @ 7:16 am

  3. Sounds like it was awesome! It’s good to have you back Ashley, you were gone a lot of weeks.

    By the way, it was never my intention to be the ONLY DM for our group – it’s just that now I know so much of the story it’s hard to let someone else run the game without giving too much away. But anytime you have a “great idea” you want to try, let me know and we’ll fit it in.

    And, yeah, running the game and your own character — pain in the butt. I was soooo happy when Tad showed up to play Alek. Running the game and Alek, and Kaurophon really taxed my brain.

    But now, now, I can focus.

    Comment by Michelle — April 2, 2009 @ 9:39 pm

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