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Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on April 28, 2009

It’s been fun to see what ads pop up on the site. Love potions, ulcers, baking supplies. With this latest turn in our adventure, though the ads are odd but apt. Aluminum powder? Thermite? I know, I know — I’m the one who brought up thermite. Google is just reacting to my content. But between the ads and my Tweets about blowing up stuff…..  I wonder if the FBI is now an avid reader of the blog. Please be assured we’re just geeks with rich inner lives.

Journal of Modern Alchemy, Volume XXVI, Number 8

Posted in: Play by Dyskko on April 27, 2009

A Comparative Study of Catalytic Ignition Methods for Single Replacement Reactions

Vortimax Weer


In this study, a new ignition method for catalyzing the reaction betwe

en powdered aluminum and ferric oxide was tested, lightning bolt. Lightning bolt proves to be successful in creating comparable values to other ignition methods of all three metrics: reaction temperatures, quantity of melted stone, and completion of reaction.


The reaction between powdered aluminum (Al) and ferric oxide (Fe2O3) is commonly known as a thermite reaction1. This is a single replacement reaction, where aluminum is oxidized and iron is reduced. Great quantities of heat are evolved, resulting in molten elemental iron (Fe). It has been previously shown that surrounding materials can also become molten2,3,4.


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