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Cauldron Herald, June 18 issue

Posted in: Play by Dyskko on March 26, 2009

The volcano is dormant, but the news never sleeps…

<img class="alignleft size-thumbnail wp-image-457" src="http://dungeon-divas.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/squadronsubdue2-150×150.jpg" alt="squadronsubdue2" width="150" height="

150″ />Madman Quelled by Security Platoon
Your Taxes at Work

A local mill worker, James Vaine, is accused of illegal enchantments and disturbing the peace. Late last night, he ran around the streets yelling incomprehensible words. Some of the people affected started a brawl, while others ran away in fear. The mayhem was roughly ended by Cauldron’s latest advance, a Security Platoon.

Security Platoons have been sponsored by the recent increase in taxes throughout Cauldron. These Security Platoons are in response to several unusual incidents including the following: strange extra planar creatures in the streets, disturbed individuals in various states of insanity, multiple violent incidents on the roads in and out of Cauldron. These Security Platoons are making Cauldron safe for all citizens.

An interesting though somewhat sinister detail was that James’ left eye was encircled with soot. It is not the first case of madness thus far. Reliable sources confirmed that at least a dozen people have been locked up in prison for similar offenses.

City Council News
Weapons Allowed in Cauldron, Council Meetings Suspended

Two weeks ago, at the last council meeting, Durgeddon the Black convinced the City Council that the weapon laws in place were illegal, and that for the good of everyone in Cauldron, they must be repealed. This came after a long debate. Lord Vhalantru was strongly against what Durgeddon wanted, but both Lord Lanthenmire and Lord Mayor Navalant were the deciding votes for the law to be repealed.The people of Cauldron ran toward the nearest weaponsmith to buy what they could get their hands on. The next day, all was sold.

This was the last meeting held by the City Council, since the Mayor has not been seen since. Lord Vhalantru has generously agreed to take care of the mayor”s Each color is repeated twice to indicate which entity is the free-credits-report.com or and which the debtor in relation to it. responsibilities during his absence. Quinlan Ghelve continues to be in command of the City Watch, and works in tandem with Zarn “Blue Duke” Kyass who remains in command of the half-orc forces.

Stormblades Defeatedstormblades
Our brave Stormblades have met with some bad luck. While investigating a possible Kua-Toa incursion in the caverns below Cauldron, our brave heroes returned with one less than their starting number. Citizens will recall these heroes, Annah Taskerhill, Cora Lathenmire, Zach Aslaxin II, and Todd Vanderboren, rid these caverns of a large gang of kobolds last fall. Eight months later, these caverns were allegedly re-infested with a new kind of evil resident. Three Stormblades returned from the battle, but Todd Vanderboren lies in state waiting resurrection. Annah, Cora, and Zach declined to comment.

weejasWee Jas Temple Closed
Parishioners of the Veiled Lady”s temple have good news, bad news, and good news. The good news is that the temple is expanding. The bad news is that the cathedral is closed during construction. The good news is that construction is ahead of schedule. Ike Iverson, acting as head cleric during Embril Aloustani’s absence, promises a grand opening ritual to celebrate the completion of the cathedral.

Rhiavadi expands silk patentsilk
For many decades, House Rhiavadi has owned the monopoly on all silk trading and production in Cauldron. Recently, Lady Rhiavadi stretched out her patent to Redgorge and Kingfisher Hollow. That leaves the half-elves of Hollowsky as the only competitors left.

Cauldron Alive!actor
Located on Obsidian Avenue, halfway between the North and East Gates, our theater employs several dozen part time actors, musicians and a couple of elderly gnome illusionists, who enhance plays and tours by casting appropriate images and ghost sound spells to enhance the experience. Come join us for a play. One play per week, performed up to 5 times, depending on attendance.


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