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how to work with your ex boyfriend

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by kaurophon on March 24, 2009

how to talk to my exgirlfriend at school after seven months and

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how to make an old ex want you back or
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I cannot return to her, not right away. Perhaps it would be better to meet with her, admit my failing, and get it over with, but I cannot make myself go.
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How to win an ex boyfriend back in one week, how to get your guy to want you back.

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Hedelmapelit netissa ovat aivan muuta mihin Suomessa on totuttu. another man

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Thearynn has been my mentor, my friend, for 50 years now. It was from her that I started to learn and understand my dreams. When I met her, she was such a young, gifted wizard. She heard of my dreams and recognized them. She put me in touch with Shebeleth Regidin a cleric and loremaster. Shebeleth also had dreams of Adimarchus. Together the three of us studied the texts and scrolls. We hunted legends and artifacts to understand our dreams. We knew what needed to be done to reach Adimarchus.

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The plan was simple, but difficult. Meet the Divas. Tell them the truth, but not all the truth. Lead them through the Test of the Smoking Eye. And betray them to gain the reward. I was convincing. They had their doubts at times, but they accepted me as part of the team.

In the end, it was their acceptance that defeated me.

Thearynn instructed me to follow these heroes and learn them. So I could fool them. So I could thwart them. So I could use them to our ends. I'd been scrying on Alek and on the Divas for a few months now. I knew their fighting styles, and I could anticipate their moves. I teleported to them during their fight with Nabthatoron to help them, and to gain their trust. I brought them gifts. The plan worked; they plane shifted with me to Occipitus.

I identified Alek as the easiest to sacrifice to the flames. But Alek died, and I needed a new target. I decided to put my efforts to Acgar, the half dragon paladin as my next target. She was actually prepared to sacrifice herself. I couldn't let that happen. Then there were newcomers. A gnomish druid and his bear companion. A wizard. A fighter. Their actions were unexpected, and I couldn't anticipate them. So they foiled the plan. And the Divas have control of Occipitus. And a link to Adimarchus.

These new members of the team, accepted by the Divas, and they were able to confuse me and thwart me.

I will rejoin Thearynn. We will make new plans.



  1. All I can say is when Indira sees Kaurophon, watch out.

    Comment by Indira — March 25, 2009 @ 5:48 am

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