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Second Watch

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on February 23, 2009

After we were transported to the forest from the Plane of Cysts, Myntilly cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut and we all clambered inside. Everyone picked a spot and stretched out. I stood watch for those first two hours. The trees seemed to sway and

in the weak light of the dark red sky, the long thin branches seemed to creep across the forest floor. I’d walked around the hut and I kicked at the tendrils with every pass. My eyes felt tired and grainy when Acgar came to relieve me.

second-watchWithin a few minutes of closing my eyes, I was up again. Acgar heard voices coming towards our camp. Cinder easily spotted the two creatures: long-limbed, black-skinned with huge teeth. Probably not friendly.

Kaurophon took one look at them and cast a helpful spell of some sort over all of us. I felt a vibration in my legs. They felt stronger somehow. Cinder and Sadi hefted their bows. I had no spells to help their aim. In fact, I had few spells left. After the bebolith, the basilisk and the Plane of Cysts, I had a handful of spells left for the day. I cast fire shield on myself. When those creatures attack me, they will suffer fire damage.

As Acgar was rousing us, a third demon had joined. Alek and I moved towards one creature as Sadi cast entangle on another. I had my mace in one hand and my holy symbol in the other. I took a swing and as we traded blows, I could see the creature wince a bit in pain. Later, in talking with Kaurophon, I found out that these demons have a high tolerance for fire. Maybe I should have used ice instead.

heat-of-battleThe battle was intense. Two more demons joined the fray. One of them kept transporting from one place to another. At one point, the battle left me far behind. I was a good 40 feet from the action and feeling winded from my fight. So I cast sunscepter which sent a magical mace into the middle of the fight. When one demon would transport, I’d switch the mace to another.

The fight felt like it took hours. In reality I think it was maybe 10 minutes. It’s amazing how that happens. When the last creature was dead, I sat down in a heap. I realized that my armor was only half fastened. It’s a miracle that I wasn’t seriously injured. Pelor watches over his children.

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