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Doubt Among the Divas

Posted in: Weekly Update by kaurophon on February 13, 2009

posted by Kaurophon

During the Test of Judgment, the Divas fought against the bebilith, and I could only watch from the doorway. I made several attempts to enter the chamber and fight by their sides, and every time, I was instantly teleported out of the roomAqua Run 52.


Upon completion of the test, the Divas came out of the Cathedral to where I was waiting for them. “Why?” they wanted to know, “Why could I not join them?” I explained Slot Machines my guess that it is because twackwear I have previously tried the test and failed. It seemed plausible. Sadi was not convinced. Myntilly and Cinder seemed neutral. Alek gave a strong argument for keeping me, then convinced himself that I should go, then stood silent. Indira was ready to cast me out of their group until Acgar pulled her away. I watched the two of them arguing for a few minutes. When they returned, Indira looked at Sadi meaningfully, then said I could join them on the next test, the Test of Resolve.

I will need to continue to prove myself to these Divas. So far, I have been able to assuage their doubts. As long as the plane of Occipitus doesn’t act against me in this Test of the Smoking Eye, I should be able to keep their trust.

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