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Drider Encounter

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on January 26, 2009

We approached the Cathedral of Feathers. Kaurophon told us a little of its history. As we stepped on to the ground surrounding the cathedral, I felt a tension ease from my body. I could see the others felt the same. Kaurophon, on the other hand, winced.

He climbed the steps to the front doors. “The goodness of this place,” he said. “You feel it, don’t you? It is an actual piece of Celestia here. The whole Cathedral itself transported here.”

Glonda was standing by the heavy front doors. “Well, if we don’t get these doors open the steps are all we’ll be enjoying.” We looped a rope around her bear-form and she pulled the doors open.

As we peered inside Cinder noticed a large purple-ish pit. “Kaurophon, what can you tell us about this pit?”

“I’ve never seen it. It’s been 20 years since I was here.”
Glonda lumbered forward. “Interesting stone work….” And then she was covered in webbing that had shot from the left side of the room. Sadi stepped in, to the right of Glonda and webbing flew at her from the right. Since she’d been expecting something, she dodged it pretty easily.

Alek charged is with his sword over his head. And was hit from both sides with lightning. I saw the flash and heard his screams. “OK, what in god’s name could it be?” I turned to Acgar. “Pissed off druid? Can they throw webs?”
Acgar shrugged. “Could be druid, but I’m betting creature. Some creatures are spell casters.”

I took a moment to bless our archers, Cinder and Sadi. I had a feeling that arrows would save the day. About then, feathers began to fall from the ceiling. The ground was covered with feathers. I turned to ask Kaurophon if he’d encountered this phenomenon before but he wasn’t there.

Myntilly, Acgar, Cinder and Sadi were doing some damage to what, in the dimness, looked like giant spiders. Glonda had cleverly and carefully burned her way out of the webbing. She and Squeak (a bat) ran to the far corner and started swiping at the spider.

I ran towards Alek. He had, as usual, suffered the most damage in combat. Will I ever teach him caution? As I approached him, I heard a thin voice say “Alek, you will be safe in the pit. Go to the pit.” He stumbled backwards towards the lip of the pit.
“Alek!” I yelled. “Hear me! Stand still. I am coming to help you.”
“But the voice. The pit. I can fire my bow from down there.”
“Stay!” and then I was beside him. I said a silent and heartfelt thank you to Pelor.

My commrades made short work of the driders. I have heard of such abominations — Drow and spider combined. I hope never to see one again. And, as though to have the last laugh, as Glonda killed the last one, the pit disappeared. It was an illusion.

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