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Kaurophon the Believer

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by kaurophon on January 19, 2009

personal essay

nother dream…

I am surrounded by angels. Their white wings are difficult to see against the white walls of the cathedral. Colored light streams in through the giant stained glass windows. More angels stand in front of me. They part and a shining angel passes through them. Her eyes are fixed upon me as she begins to speak.

“My name is Celeste,” she says as her eyes fill with tears. “You’ve lost your way. I had hoped you would turn away from the sins of ambition and pride…but I fear you have succumbed.” Her head lowers in sadness, then raises in firm judgement. “You will be cast from heaven, never to casino return.”

My heart roars in unbearable pain. “NNNnnnooooooo!!!” I scream and struggle against the angels that hold me fast. “Kill me instead! Don’t send me away!” As they drag me Avrai comunque bisogno di aprire un conto nel migliori casinos , per ricevere l’accredito delle vincite ed il bonus stesso, ma per conoscere tutti i dettagli che riguardano i bonus senza deposito, visita questa sezione che ad essi pokies online e interamente dedicata. away, I scream, “No. If I am lost to heaven, then heaven online casinos will be lost to you all…”

These are the words of the Prophet as recorded by Kaurophon the Believer.

Thirteen strong are those who seek the Great One
Thirteen more are those who follow.
Together and separate do the Thirteen and Thirteen work.
The test of the Great One brings the Thirteen and Thirteen closer to their goal.
Many are the fruits of labor yet all are not fed.

Do not roll the great stone, for its effort is meaningless.
The Hand and Eye seek the Great One.
The Dark and Light seek the Great One.
Seek the plane of the Great One for the power to raise him.
Threefold the area of Thirteen and Thirteen is the plane of the Great One.
The Test of the Great One brings the seekers closer to their goal.
When the Marked Ones are shackled the Great One will rise.

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