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Cauldron Election Newsfeed

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on December 28, 2008

11/14/08 — Close Margin Leads to Recount

Ten days after Election Night, results show adventurer turned politician Elvis Krylscar lost narrowly by just 725 votes. However, incumbent Severen Navalant’s slim margin of victory means that there will be an automatic recount.

The official recount will begin next week.

11/28/08 – Recount Begins

The Great Cauldron Recount kicked off Wednesday with masses of volunteers for Mayor Severen Navalant and challenger Elvis Krylscar moving into a fresh phase of the struggle: eyeballing ballots, ready to pounce on anything that looked questionable.

By day’s end, with about 18 percent of the vote recounted, Navalant continued to lead Krylscar — but by only 215 votes, notably narrower than the unofficial gap of 725 votes at which the recount had begun.

12/7/08 – Recount Over, Decisions Beginning

The largest recount in Cauldron history is over, but the task of determining a winner has barely begun. We still don’t know who Cauldron’s mayor is. After Navalant started the recount with a 725-vote lead, Krylscar was able to whittle that number to 174.

But the number means little because of 655 challenged ballots not included in the recount. These are absentee ballots submitted by adventurers abroad and by half-orcs in the town guard currently posted just outside of Cauldron. The ruling on whether to count these votes will be made sometime next week.

12/10/08 – House of Lords to Rule on Absentee Ballots

This election year marks the first that Cauldron residents not present on election day have been allowed to cast ballots. Organized by the Church of St. Cuthbert, the absentee ballot drive was an effort to have representation by those who call Cauldron home. Jenya Urikas, Head Cleric of the Church of St. Cuthbert holds the ballots with several protective spells, awaiting decision by the House of Lords.

The trouble is that these absentee ballots were organized without prior authorization by the House of Lords. “I have every belief that the Church of St. Cuthbert was well-intentioned,” stated Lord Zachary Aslaxin. “However, without precedent, it is difficult to know how to proceed.”

These absentee ballots will likely favor Krylscar, as his history as an adventurer resonates with those adventurers abroad and the half-orcs in the town guard. Given the connection between the House of Lords and the Mayor’s Office, many conclude the House of Lords will rule against the absentee ballots for this reason.

However, there is also speculation that the House of Lords could rule in favor of counting the absentee ballots anyway. If Krylscar wins the recount, then the challenge to Severen Navalant issued by Paladin for St. Cuthbert, Alek Tercival, will be negated.

Readers may recall that months before the election, merchant Maavu Arlintal organized a demonstration in the Town Square. Elvis Krylscar joined the demonstration to announce a challenge by Alek Tercival according to the Old Law of Peers. According to this ancient law, anyone of noble heritage can issue a challenge of no confidence to the current Mayor. Before becoming paladin for St. Cuthbert, Alek Tercival was heir to the Tercival name. After the Tercivals fell on hard times, Alek joined the Church.

Reports that Alek Tercival was last seen in Redgorge prompted Mayor Navalant to declare that city a target for invasion. “Mayor Navalant has had half-orcs suited up and ready to march on Redgorge for several weeks now,” Captain of the Town Guard Quinlan Ghelve stated. “If Navalant is declared winner of the election, Redgorge will certainly be invaded.”

12/17/08 – Krylscar Pushes for Absentee Count

Today, Elvis Krylscar spoke in the Town Square to a large crowd of supporters. “In the best of worlds all valid absentee ballots will be counted.” The disputed Mayoral election was held six weeks ago, and there is still no result. Although incumbent Mayor Severen Navalant is ahead by 175 votes after a recount, the result is not confirmed until a ruling is made about the absentee ballots that have yet to be counted.

Challenger Elvis Krylscar has pushed adding those ballots, which were never counted, back into the mix before the House of Lords certifies a winner.

12/19/08 – The Votes are In!

The House of Lords has ruled to include the absentee ballots submitted in the Cauldron Mayoral Election. Challenger Elvis Krylscar was elated by the news. “After generations of adventurers fighting for the city of Cauldron, it’s about time their voices were heard in the governance of the City.”

Appearing in person for the first time in months, incumbent mayor Severen Navalant stated his opinion. “I trust that the House of Lords made the correct decision to include these absentee ballots. For generations, adventurers have defended this city, and I have statues in their honor. I’m glad to honor them during their lives with their votes.”

Krylscar officials tried to contain their glee. “We went into this recount at a virtual tie,” said Marc Elias, attorney for Krylscar. “Anyone who watched the challenge process will tell you we won more votes than they did.”

The Navalant camp, however, remained cool. “We think when the recount process is completed, Mayor Navalant’s going to come out on top,” said Lord Vhalantru, Navalant’s campaign spokesman.

A second recount including the absentee ballots will begin next week.

12/26/08 – Re-ReCount Begins

The Mayoral election in Cauldron was seven weeks ago but they’re still counting ballots in a seemingly never-ending process.

Volunteers pore over contested ballots from the November 4 election between incumbent Severen Navalant and challenger Elvis Krylscar.

Krylscar, an adventurer running for office for the first time, is currently leading the recount by 46 votes from the more than 2.9 million cast in the election.

For citizens who want to keep a close eye on results, Vortimax Weer is selling an animated “recount widget” for readers to embed on their globs, FaceSpace, SpaceBook, MyFace or MyBook pages which provides the recount numbers and latest headlines.

Navalant led Krylscar by 725 votes in the initial election, then by only 174 votes after the first recount. After including the contested absentee ballots, a second recount was begun. Currently, Krylscar has edged ahead during the scrutiny of the ballots.

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  1. When art imitates life, find and replace can be your best friend.

    Al –> Elvis
    Franken –> Krylscar
    Norm –> Severen
    Coleman –> Navalant
    comedian –> adventurer
    Democrat –> Challenger
    Republican –> incumbent
    Minnesota –> Cauldron
    senator –> mayor
    election board –> House of Lords
    blog –> glob

    Comment by Springlatch Hammertacker — December 28, 2008 @ 10:09 pm

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