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Mayoral Election a Study in Pink vs. Green

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on November 3, 2008

With just hours to go before ballots are counted, the mayoral race is headed toward its conlcusion.

Elvis Krylscar, former militia man and party animal, continues to campaign hard in Cauldron. Focusing his efforts along Ash and Lava Avenues, Elvis is knocking on doors in a last Get Out the Vote effort. Sometimes called the “Pink Revolution” in reference to the pink-colored signs in windows and and yards of supporters, the wave of enthusiasm for this young man looks to break strong on the eve of the election. These lower streets contain his base of supporters, but there are some on Magma and Obsidian sporting the pink signs as well.

Meanwhile, incumbent Severen Navalant hasn’t been seen in at least two weeks. Lord Vhalantru acts as his proxy, representing him in various public events. Word is that Navalant is busy doing his job – working with local businesses to shore up the failing economy, meeting with committee members to pass legislaion to help families, and organizing half-orc security teams to patrol Cauldron’s surrounding areas for improved security. Vhalantru has linked the green of Navalant’s campaign signs to the green of growth, and encourages people to vote for the mayor who is working to help them.

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