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Fire Giant Returns for Round Two

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on November 1, 2008

The voice that floated out of the mist was an answer to an unspoken prayer. There we were — freshly ambushed by the Fire Giant. I”d just given every ounce of my energy towards healing Myntilly. She”d been grievously wounded in the Giant”s new attack. I felt like a frightened little girl, casting obscuring mist the moment I realized that the Giant was walking through the door.

We don”t hide in the shadows like assassins and cowards. Well, I used to feel that way. And then when Ragnara fell, I realized that some fights are too big. So when I heard the Giant”s booming voice again, I panicked. And obscuring mist was the first spell that popped into my head.

I was kneeling beside Myntilly, surrounded by the white mist and hearing this voice, this grumbling, rumbling voice coming from my left, it was shocking. The voice was saying something like “Moles and giants and now humans? I can”t get anything done!” Myntilly and I locked eyes. She shrugged, struggled to her feet and called out, “Hail, friend!”
A pair of green eyes attached to a large body seemed to appear from the mist. It was a large creature, but it opened its mouth and said, “Friend? Who said I”m your friend?”

Myntilly opened and closed her mouth, seeming unsure how to answer the creature.
“We need your help,” I said. “Please. Help us kill this Giant. You are an answer to my prayer. Pelor shines his face upon us both, that we should meet here and now.”

The creature snorted. “Pelorian sun freak, huh?” It paused. “OK, let”s do this.” And it moved past us towards the Giant. In that moment we heard a strangled cry. I wasn”t sure who it was. It didn”t sound like Cinder, but it might have been Sadi. I moved up beside the creature, heading toward the scream.


I”d had second watch. A change for me. I usually take first watch and invariably something bad happens during my watch. I think Cinder wanted to spare me, so she took first watch. I hadn”t slept, though. I lay on my roll, thinking about Ragnara. I was responsible for her death. I thought through our battle with the Fire Giant, picking apart each moment to find the key that would have changed the outcome.

So when Cinder came to rouse me, I was quickly outside the hut, making the round. When I heard a door open, and heard the booming voice of the Giant, I almost dropped to my knees in despair. And then the mist spell popped into my head and out of my mouth almost before I knew it.

We were taken almost unaware. I was able to let out a yell that if not intelligible, was at least loud. The Fire Giant strode into the room and then into the hut as though it wasn”t there. The mist did not slow him down.
Myntilly was the first person he saw. The mist was swirling around but I could see his hammer rise and fall.
I didn”t know where Sadi, Cinder, Acgar or Submera were. Knowing Cinder she was on top of something, aiming an arrow at the Giant”s heart. Acgar was so weak from the hag”s curse, she could barely lift her head. And Submera, well, I figured she”d fight or stay out of the way. I couldn”t worry about her.

I heard Sadi hiss from behind me: “Indira? Where are you?”
“Here!” I called. And I felt her hands on my shoulders. “Here is protection from fire, my friend.” And the hands fell away.
A moment later I heard the “thwang” and “thump” of an arrow loosed and finding a target. The Fire Giant roared and suddenly he was passing five feet from me. I raised my mace to strike and then I heard Myntilly moan off to my left. I ran towards the sound. And of course the mist came with me because it is my spell. When I moved, Sadi lost her cover.

I found out from her later that, when the mist cleared, she saw the Giant was only ten feet away. His hammer caught her in an almost full blow. She was able to find her feet and run down the far hallway. Once she was out of his sight, the Giant seemed to forget about her.

I had reached Myntilly when again I heard arrows fly from a bow. This was higher and from the other direction. “Cinder,” I thought, “has found her spot!” The Giant bellowed with rage and turned around to find this new attacker. His steps brought him close to us. I raised my mace and swung down at his ankles. If I could get him off of his feet….. And although my mace did connect with him, he did not fall over. His hammer swung towards me and my left side went numb.
“Oh god!” I cried. And in that moment I again felt despair wash over me like cold water. I don”t know what would have happened if the Giant had swung a second time. But he moved away from us. Toward a new attack from Cinder or maybe Submera?

It was then as I knelt to heal Myntilly, that we heard the voice. And, perhaps it was a small miracle, but when I healed Myntilly, I felt better. The numbness in my arm seemed to ease. So when I heard the scream, I did not hesitate to follow my new friend back into the battle. Someone needed my help, and with Pelor”s grace, I would be there to bind the wounds.

As I moved toward the Giant, I heard the sound of wings and saw the mist swirl around my face. What fresh devilment is this? But as we got closer I realized it was Hamouk, Acgar”s dragon.

“Dragon. Friend.” I whispered to the creature beside me. And I said a silent “thank you” to Acgar for summoning him to battle.

Hamouk landed near the Giant and rushed at him. The Giant was nearly knocked off his feet. My new friend scooted to the side, taking me with it. For good reason. Hamouk rushed past us, unable to stop. We would have been trampled. I dismissed the mist spell. With two, no, counting the Giant, three large creatures, we needed to see.

We took advantage of the Giant”s unsteadiness. My friend swinging with his heavy tail. I heard a bone break and the giant clutched his calf. He straightened up and loped past us, away from the group. He was running away.

A victory cry tore from my throat and we ran after him. My injury forgotten with the chance to vanquish the Giant. Hamouk galloped behind us and then zoomed just over our heads in pursuit.

At the battle”s end, I finally had a chance to properly thank my new friend. I bowed. “I am Indira. And I am in your debt.”
Suddenly a naked dwarf woman was standing where the creature had been. She said “I am called Glonda.”

“Glonda. You are a warg?… Well, I don”t know how to thank you. You saved our lives.”

“Thank me? Well, I wouldn”t say no to some ale,” she said.
I laughed. “Let me see what I have in my pack.”

As we walked back into the room, I saw Cinder and Myntilly bending over someone.
Oh no. I started running. I was too late to save Submera. Cinder told me that she saw the killing blow. That must have been the scream I heard after I healed Myntilly. She died fighting with us. She will be honored as one of us.
I bowed my head. “Watch over her, Father. See her home, our fallen friend and comrade, Submera.”

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