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[meta] The Story of Orak's Bathhouse

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on September 24, 2008

So here’s the story of Orak’s Bathhouse.

It started one of the first game nights when the heroes had used a lot of their daily powers and it was only early afternoon. The Divas felt their characters needed to rest before going on in the adventure, but it was really too early to go to sleep.


Under Cauldron

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on September 21, 2008

Part of a Dixie Matress Co. tag

Part of a Dixie Matress Co. tag

I”m just thankful that I wasn”t wearing my dress robes. The rooms below Orak”s Bath House are filthy and wretched beyond imagining. The stench is eye-watering, paint-strippingly powerful. It”s thanks to that little scrap of paper that I find myself here. Hero of the city. I should be relaxing in a hot bath but I”m bashing little goblins in ankle-deep muck. If my father could see me now…


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