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Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on September 26, 2008

I miss Ilyea as much as anyone. To see her there among the statues in the Mayor”s garden is sad. So I wanted to say “yes” before Elvis even finished asking me to read a scroll of dispell magic. But Sadi on one side of me and Cinder on the other, argued forcefully that we not try to free her, not like this.

I”ve never had such a night! We spent hours going back and forth about what to do. Sadi kept on saying “We”re not politicians.” And Cinder kept saying “Not in front of a crowd.” And Acgar kept saying “We have to try!” Boy, if Myntilly had been with us, I bet she would have known the right thing. What a day for her to be away! For Elvis it”s politic; I know that. Ilyea is a means to an end — free her and the Mayor has to explain why a petrified person is in his garden.

As we talked around and around the question, all I could think was how badly I”d fumbled our only other attempt to free Ilyea. God, what a nightmare. We spend 1,000gp on a scroll and I can”t even read the damned thing correctly. I practiced and practiced and then I stumble on the first syllable. I did not want that to happen again and certainly not in front of a crowd. Elvis was banking his future career on me being able to read the scroll and that it would work.

In the wee hours of the morning we came to an agreement. I would try to sneak into the garden at dawn and read the scroll. We discussed the area of effect for the spell — it will cover a 30 foot radius.

If other statues come to life I would do my best to deal with that. I had a sanctuary spell handy in case something bad happened. There were two dwarf statues near Ilyea. If our hunch is right, all of the statues in the garden are petrified humanoids. The dwarves had shields with lightning bolts on them. Storm-shields…. That is a famous dwarven name.

The mist was just rising from the ground as I unrolled the scroll. With a quick prayer of guidance, I read the words. I felt the hair on the back of my neck rise. Power seemed to swirl around me and then…. nothing. I sat down with my back to Ilyea”s side and checked my notes. As I read, my hand tightened around the scroll. Oh gods, what a fool. I could ahve saved us all those hours of debate. Dispell magic can never break a more powerful spell like flesh to stone. I said a prayer of thanks to Pelor and to my friends for saving me the embarrassment of reading a useless scroll in front of a huge crowd of Cauldronites.

When I came out of the garden alone, my friends were very supportive. No one blames me and I appreciate that. Now that it is behind us, we can head to Red Gorge and try to help Alec.

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