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Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on September 21, 2008

Part of a Dixie Matress Co. tag

Part of a Dixie Matress Co. tag

I”m just thankful that I wasn”t wearing my dress robes. The rooms below Orak”s Bath House are filthy and wretched beyond imagining. The stench is eye-watering, paint-strippingly powerful. It”s thanks to that little scrap of paper that I find myself here. Hero of the city. I should be relaxing in a hot bath but I”m bashing little goblins in ankle-deep muck. If my father could see me now…

This one is all Myntilly”s fault. Or actually, no, I suggested the bath. Myntilly just bartered free baths for taking care of that “little rat problem” that Orak told us about. But I”m getting ahead of myself. Why did I want a bath? Because of the fires.

Just when the crowd seemed to be breaking up from the almost riot, we heard screams of “Fire!” There were flames near the police barracks, particularly the half-orc housing. We sprang to action. Elvis quickly organized a bucket brigade. I asked Acgar to fly so that we could quickly get the clerics back. They can all create water which would help battle the flames. Sadi stayed back a bit, taking in the scene. Cinder was shouting encouragement to the recruits. And Myntilly dialed up a ray of frost to throw at the fire. As her spell hit home, the flames acted almost like a man reeling from a punch in the stomach.

Suddenly we had two large fires. One at each end of the building. The flames were roaring and the air was so hot. I saw one sergeant practically consumed by the flames. It happened so quickly; there was no saving him. In the distance I saw the clerics and people who could only be the MTA begin to battle the second fire. The fire figure only seemed to grow with each spell. I was becoming mesmerized by its movements. Then I suddenly felt wide awake, as though roused from a deep sleep. With a silent prayer that I was right, I began the words for a dismissal spell. Pelor was pleased, for the spell worked! The fire blinked out as though it had never existed. Then we could all focus on the first fire and it was out in no time.

Sadi had noticed a few townspeople cheering the fires on. They were yelling awful things about how the half-orcs deserved to burn. She questioned them harshly, but they were only small-minded folk. Certainly not capable of summoning extra planar creatures. I cast invisibility purge and Sadi and I walked around the area a bit. I thought that our culprit might be staying to watch the chaos he or she had created. But we did not uncover any lurkers.

Just inside the town hall, however, we did meet a man who seemed larger than life. He was a blue-skinned mountain of a man. He practically reeked of magic. His appearance was magicked on. I could not, however, penetrate the guise.
As we came up to him, he was muttering, “Fools! They think fire will solve their problems?!!” He introduced himself as “The Blue Duke” and said he was the man responsible for providing Cauldron with the half-orcs. I mentioned that he hired good men and told him a little about Ohme and Ohboi. He gave me his card and rushed out into the town square.

As I said, after all of that we were tired, hot and filthy from smoke and ash. I wanted a bath. Cinder was anxious to go back to Orak”s as well. Like a cat remembering a mouse hole, she wanted another look at the blocked off area with the “rat problem.” When we got there, Myntilly (in a combined gesture of generosity and shrewdness) suggested that we could handle the rats in exchange for a handful of free baths. Orak quickly agreed.
And that”s how we ended up here.

I guess technically wererats are “rats.” There were four of them. Cinder pinned one to the wall. Elvis took another off at the knees. Sadi”s arrows found the third and we were lucky that the fourth one wasn”t able to close his mouth around Myntilly”s arm and bite her.

We saw a half-blocked doorway that led down some stairs. Adventurers and unknown stairs? Stairs that lead down? Like catnip. And really, could we walk away from possibly more wererats? We had to go down the stairs. Sooty, smelly and tired, we went down the stairs. We have found goblins, lots and lots of little goblins. And sleeping quarters with beds too big for goblins or wererats. It was on one of the beds that we found the Dixie Mattress Co. tag. Sure, the stench is almost palpable, the goblins are annoyingly persistent and those big beds are worrisome. But I wouldn”t want to be anywhere else in the world.


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