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Lucky Monkey and Beyond

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on September 16, 2008

Why is this half-elf so angry? I asked myself that same question when I spied Felian at the Lucky monkey. Didn”t we help her out of a tight spot at the Dixie Mattress Company? Didn”t we help reclaim this very inn? Where”s the gratitude?

I”m getting ahead of my story. Let”s start with the interrogation.

With Acgar”s police background, she suggested we question the captives separately. Lucky for us a young cleric of Pelor, LeRoy had prepared a zone of truth spell. I had not prepared it for the day so I am thankful for his help. We had Zeke in one room with me and Cinder and LeRoy.
Acgar and Elvis had the other man, Zack in an adjoining room. We got some useful information. We also received some devastating news. It would appear that we were duped. By Celeste or by someone who duped her into hiring us. God help us, Zenith was the final piece they needed to begin the final destruction of Cauldron. He was the last “marked one” and now they can begin to purify those marked and in doing so, they summon the Overlord (who ever that is). Some of it makes no sense. I just know that my heart sunk as I realized the enormity of our mistake. In my despair, I asked Zeke, “if you were in my shoes, what would be your next step?” I believe he answered from the heart: “Join us.” But those words are the words of a godless man. With Pelor guiding my hand, I cannot fail.

After the questioning, we took them to Quinlan for safe keeping. We were due at the Lucky Monkey grand reopening. As we left the city, we were informed by a guard that we would be taxed upon re-entry.

I shook that from my mind; I was looking forward to meeting this Alec fellow that Jenya thinks so highly of. Not long after we arrived we realized that Felian was glowering in the corner. He literally jumped Sadi and started yelling. “Why”d you do it? Why did you take Zenith? Fools!”

I”m glad that he was not the one to break the news to us. I”m glad that we had time to process the error on our own. Oddly enough Sadi, who doesn”t like anyone, took a shine to him and they went to a table with a bottle of whiskey.

I got to meet Alec. I can understand why Jenya is so besotted. He is quite comely, if you like brawn over brains. He told a tall tale about angels and magic mirrors. And about his plan to challenge the mayor of Cauldron. He, as a scion of the city, can call for a vote of no confidence.

We have him to thank for the scene that greeted us on our return to Cauldron. After we”d paid our entry tax and been informed that there is an “adventurer tax” on the horizon, we headed to the town square where a anti-tax demonstration was taking place.

Alec, in conjunction with the merchant prince, Mauvern had organized this gathering right outside the town hall. There were hundreds of Cauldronites in attendance. Mauvern stirred the crowd with his oratory. We tried to spread ourselves through the crowd in case there was trouble.

There was trouble. A riot broke out when a lone police officer tried to arrest Mauvern. Eight people attacked him. Then punches started flying all over.

Thanks to a quick and powerful entangle spell by Sadi, a mad gallop to St. Cuthbert”s by Kiriana for cleric backup, and the golden tongue of Kyrlscar, disaster was averted. As a small bonus, Cinder killed a Yin Yang member in the crowd and looted his body. Not something I would have tried, of course, but I am glad to have one less villain on the streets.

I just remembered that the day before we left for the Lucky Monkey, on a lark, I stopped in at a soothsayer”s not far from the Pelorian temple. She read my palm and looked deep in my eyes. “The streets are not safe for you. Seek the company of trees and birds.”

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