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[meta] The Camping Trip

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Life,Meta-gaming by Ariel on September 12, 2008

dixie-2 We arrived at LL “Stub” Stewart state park on a seemingly normal Wednesday. The Beholder, however, had plans for us.

We got busy unloading the cars. How could we need so much stuff for a two-day trip? Ok, well there are ten of us. That”s lots of food and drink right there. Plus our game stuff. Plus our camping gear. Sigh. Good thing we didn”t have to hike in! Dixie the Beholder was busy, too. Steve the park ranger was happy to point out the cabins to her. Did she mind control him? Whatever dark powers she used on him, he was most helpful. The park is really great. Really new facilities and tons of trails.

Set up was easy. We had three cabins. A small one for the paladins. One for food and one for gaming. Soon we were unpacked and ready to relax. First things first: open the brandy. Michelle agreed to have some, too.

After an amazing curry dinner….. This is camping? We gathered in the game cabin to play some D&D. Drinks and snacks aplenty. It was a good game. But then, we”re a good gaming group! We were ready for the bad guys! Our sorceress has a new spell — magic tattoo. She gave our rogue and our fighter tats. Good thing, too considering the Kua-Toa ambush we encountered on the way to the Lucky Monkey.

Soon it was Thursday morning. The early bird cabin was up and at “em by 6:30. Daylight”s burning! Sarah joined us from the Lawful Good cabin. We had first breakfast (coffee and cocoa and oatmeal) while we waited for the others to stir. Angel and Michelle were in charge of breakfast Best breakfast burrito ever. Not to mention the fruit salad, zucchini bread and more oatmeal. Dixie was in charge of the coffee. Her perch atop the instant espresso gave her a commanding view of the breakfast preparation.

Susan used one of her throwing knives to cut up a melon for the fruit salad. Now Elvis only has five throwing knives….. Keep track.

After breakfast a few of us went up to the hilltop area and I read some tarot. I”m no professional, but I”ve been reading on and off for almost 20 years. It was very fun to do. Thanks, all of you, for letting me do that.

When we came back to the cabins, great Zeus! Our enemies surround us! This must be Dixie, the Beholder”s dirty work! Ok, really it is a fraction of Ashley”s minis collection.

Yowza! That”s a lot of miniatures! Michelle had her pick for NPCs. Karla surprised us all by coming up for the day! karla-brings-the-cheap-champagne Surprise #2 — she brought champagne with her. OK, now this party can get started. It was very good cheap champagne. She didn”t stay to play D&D with us. Towanda didn”t join the road trip to the Lucky Monkey, sigh.

It”s obvious what”s going on in this picture. Dixie, the Beholder, tried to make sense of the Arkham Horror rules and passed out from the sheer frustration of it all. The open bottle of champagne had nothing to do with it. Later in the afternoon we role-played our arrival at the Lucky Monkey. Michelle S. had a cameo role as the pissed off half-elf. (see the regular game post for a visual)

After sausage and beans for dinner (can you get more traditional camping fare?) we set up for another round of gaming. Ashley brought two wheels of goat”s milk brie which she set on the fire to get nice and gooey. Oh it was good, especially with the cranberries. Although it was challenging to play outside, even with the lanterns, we had a great night. Survived a tax riot in Cauldron, bought some artifacts that might point us in the next direction.

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