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Near Death Experience

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on September 6, 2008

The streets of Cauldron are not safe. I”m not naive enough to have just discovered this, and yet for evil to walk the streets with impunity…. Sadi thinks faster than I do. When she saw the two figures with painted Yin-Yang faces strolling down the street, she stepped in front of them.

We found ourselves at the intersection of Magma and Fumerole, outside of an Import shop. Rumors from the NightSong Guild were that this was another possible planar portal. It was early evening and Acgar and Kiriyana were comparing their new mounts as we strolled up the street towards the shop. I don”t want to say we were over confident, but truly I had no fear.

He was just closing up the shop, letting a few well-dressed customers out the front door when we arrived. We could not talk our way into the shop! We did distract him long enough to allow Kimber, Kiriyana”s cat to sneak inside.
Feeling thwarted, we hastily discussed our options. Myntilly, Cinder and Acgar decided to go to the roof of the shop. Acgar flew on her new mount and Myntilly levitated herself and Cinder.

Sadi, Towanda and I stood on the opposite corner, just to see what might happen. Kiriyana crouched around the corner of the shop so she could stay in mental contact with her cat.
Very soon a man walked up to the shop from the opposite direction. In the failing light we could see that he was a religious man. I almost hailed him as fellow clergy, but Pelor spared me and the call died on my lips. He swiftly entered the shop. A figure seemed to come from the side of the building and slip in after him.

Sadi was the first to notice the two men walking towards the shop from our direction. Both were big men with faces painted in the Yin-Yang style. Sadi stepped in front of them, showing them some of the black & white beans we”d found. “Spare some change?”

The taller one sneered. “Get out of our way. We know who you are. Your movements are known.”
Sadi was undaunted. “If you know my work, then maybe you have a job for me.”
I stepped up beside her. I sensed movement behind us and then I saw Towanda standing behind the two men! I must ask her about that spell.

They both laughed and tried to push past Sadi. I closed my eyes and asked for guidance. “You know our names. I would know yours.” I think my voice was a bit strained and I didn”t sound nearly strong enough.
The men laughed again. “Sun freak,” said one.
“Pelor,” I whispered. “Bring vengeance upon these men. They are evil and should be shown the error of their ways.” And then I cast heat metal.
One of the men heard me as they moved past us. He mocked my words: “They”re evil. They”re evil!” His companion laughed. “You two run along now. Old man sun is going down!”

Kiriyana joined us in front of the shop. We had an urge to storm through the door and see what was happening. Before we could share our thoughts, I heard Sadi grunt. I turned to see an arrow through one of her eyes. She slumped against the building. Then I felt a burning in my side. The tip of an arrow poked through my tunic. “Gods!” On my right, I heard Kiriyana cry out too. Although my wound and Kiriyana”s were bad, Sadi was near death. Another arrow clattered off the building. We had to move quickly.
Kiriyana said, “We need cover.” and she raised her axe. With a mighty swing, she tried to break through the front door. It did not work.

As she quickly worked to free her axe from the door, it opened and out stepped a woman with a rapier in one hand and a dagger in the other. That got Sadi moving. She quickly stumbled backwards and ran around the corner towards the Drunken Morkoth. I was relieved. I wanted to do the same. We were in a perilous position. Suddenly, an arrow pierced the woman”s shoulder and she dropped the dagger. We looked up and there was Cinder! Myntilly slowly floated down and we saw the shadow of dragon wings take to the air.

The woman seemed to levitate herself. Suddenly she was up the side of the building. She must have had spider boots. In her place, framed in the front door, were the two men I had cursed. One collapsed at our feet. Half his armor was off. The other one saw us and immediately ducked back into the shop.

Cinder, Acgar and Kiriyana pursued him. There must have been some last bit of the spell left, though, because he collapsed too. We stabilized them both and tied them up. It is good to have people to question. And yet, my heart is a little heavy. I have only used heat metal one other time and it was horrible to watch. Tonight I will thank my god that he spared the lives of these two men.


  1. Ah, yes. This is the story you told last night. Of the note the young rogue Maple gave you and how it led you to Garthun Imports. A known locale for the Yin Yang Gang to meet with Shebeleth of The Thirteen. To survive a strike by the mighty Nulin “Fish” Wierjeron you must be truly blessed.

    Comment by kaurophon — February 10, 2009 @ 10:27 pm

  2. […] the tower, Sadi came over. “Hey! I know that guy. He gave me this.” She pointed to the scar beside her eye. My hand automatically clapped to my side. “I remember that night! He was on […]

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