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Enemies Surround Us

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on August 28, 2008

I never expected to be sitting in a hot tub with a halfling bard, but when Dyskko said he”d rented the biggest tub at Orak”s bathhouse, I gladly went.

What I heard there makes my head spin. Enemies surround us. And then there are the people who need our help, the mysteries to solve. I wish we had three times our number then maybe we could begin to truly save the souls of Cauldron.

We all arrived at Orak”s about the same time. Our newest member, Kiriana arrived on her leopard. She is, like Acgar, a paladin. As we entered the shop, Orak greeted us. He directed us to surrender our weapons. What an uncomfortable feeling that is! Less for me, as I could keep my holy symbol and cast spells if the need arose. For Kyrlscar and Cinder it was like asking them to walk naked down the street.
In exchange for our weapons, we got bars of soap.

It smelled good and I was truly looking forward to a long soak. I have been busy these last two weeks at the temple. Our dorms are filled with refugees. So many people have been forced from the outlying areas by animal attacks and other more sinister events. People arrive at Pelor”s house, dirty, hungry, hurt in body and spirit and it is all we can do to get them settled. Kristof, the head cleric, is no older than me. He was thrust into this role while still a low-level cleric. The highest ranking clerics of the Pelorian temple disappeared (presumed dead) in a tragic magical accident.

It is odd to work side by side We offer support and encouragement when it comes to finding a marijuana best marijuana detox center. with the head cleric, knowing that he has access to only my same spells. And just a few days back he cried, literally cried, on my shoulder in the early hours of the morning. I went to the inner courtyard for my morning prayers and Kristof came to me there. His distress was more than overwork. He discovered that a bundle of dried herbs labeled “nettles” was actually lemon balm. Nettles are used in wind walk spells. The very spell that caused the head clerics to disappear. And the worst part — the handwriting on the label was that of the head of the Wee Jasian cathedral.

My friends heard my story and shared similar tales of their own. Tales of unrest, betrayal, deceit, murder….. There in the hot tub at Orak”s our hearts grew heavy. We made a plan: I would go to see Jenya at St. Cuthbert”s. Cinder wanted to make contact with Maple and the Nightsong Guild. Myntilly would go back to her tattoo shop and gather information.

As we stepped outside the bathhouse, Sadie heard cries of pain down the street. As she started to tell us, the cries got louder and three people came into view. they were looking up at something in the sky. A creature with four wings swooped down and stabbed at one of the figures. Its tail seemed to jab and stick in the man”s chest for half a beat before it took off again.

Sadie muttered something under her breath and then called out, raising her voice to the sky. The creature shrieked like a bird of prey and swooped again. Myntilly unleashed a lightning bolt at it. Cinder and Sadie readied their bows.

As we got closer to the action, we realized that the three people were wearing sashes with the letters MTA on them. They were members of the magical Threat Agency.

We”d last seen them at the umber hulk attack. They were losing this battle and we gladly joined in. I heard Acgar whisper “Extraplanar. Can you dismiss it?”
“No. Damn it” I said. “I didn”t prepare that spell. But I always will from now on. Can we kill it?”
She laughed. “We better try!”

Kyrlscar threw a dagger at the creature. One of the MTA cast a spell. Cinder”s arrow landed solidly in the creature”s leg. Myntilly”s second spell hit the creature and a moment later, it disappeared. I rushed over to heal the wounded MTA member and Myntilly, who had taken some damage from the creature”s wrath.

I”m not sure the MTA squad thanked us for the help. They quickly took off, back down the street. We all went our separate ways. I pray that Jenya can give us some guidance. I don”t know which way to go.

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