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Excerpt from Dyskko's Journal

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on August 17, 2008

At last, after only hearing tales, singing songs, and telling stories, I have finally completed my first adventure. The Mayor hired me to travel with the Divas on their next journey, and it met my expectations for adventure.

I include here the complete list of events:
1) Met with Mayor for tea and met Divas. Lord Vhalantru took sketches for future statues.
2) Left to meet Captain Quinlan Ghelve at the Slippery Eel, but ran into
a) the Stormblades, and we had to drop off our captive at the Temple of Kord
b) an umberhulk tearing apart buildings, and we stayed to investigate
c) Celeste who invited us to the Cusp of Sunrise for a special mission
3) Arrived at Cusp of Sunrise and met Davked Splintershield who bid us to find his son Zenith
4) Traveled out of Cauldron and
a) met Crazy Jared
b) slew a red dragon
c) discovered the Pit of the Seven Jaws
5) Returned to Cauldron to hire some half-orc mercenaries
6) Returned to the Pit of the Seven Jaws and fought
a) a cryohydra
b) several kuo-toa
c) some poisonous fungus
d) an extra-planar woman figure
7) Found Zenith and convinced him to come to Cauldron with us
8) Camped near Crazy Jared’s former hut and met
a) Jared’s sister
b) a Paladin
9) Returned to Cauldron with Zenith and our new friends.
10) At Cusp of Sunrise, Celeste and Davked were unavailable, so we asked Lord Vhalantru to fetch Davked for us to reunite us with his son. Then we went shopping at Skie’s.
11) Overnight, Zenith disappeared.
12) At Cusp of Sunrise, Lord Vhalantru informed us of Davked’s death.

As I read over the list of events, I am again saddened at the results of our quest. But all adventures have successful endings, so this means the adventure is not yet ended.

And I am now reminded of several questions. I must ask the Divas these questions when we next meet. Perhaps they have answers. Perhaps also they have new questions.

Where’s Celeste? Who’s Celeste?

Did Davked really die? We haven’t seen his body. Where’s his estate?

What can I use cryohydra poop for? Kuo-toa slime? poisonous fungus?

What was Zenith doing with the Kuo-toas? What were all those dead bodies? And it was Zenith’s statue at Kazmojen’s slave bazaar – so are they connected?

Why did the umberhulk attack those warehouses? Who summoned it?

What was that gnomish guy doing at the umberhulk event? Magical Threats Agency = good? bad?

Is there anyone else that has disappeared? Where’s Elvis Krylscar? And the other kidnap victims? Is Gryffin doing okay? The kids that the Divas rescued?

Why did that dragon burn down Jared’s Hut?

How is everything connected? The cage building at Dixie Mattress Company? The Yin Yang Gang? The stolen wands of control water? The missing people?

What is the symbol the Divas found at the Dixie Mattress Company? Have we seen it anywhere else?

It’s time I hung out at the Bard Hall and gathered some information from colleagues.

1 Comment

  1. You ask good questions, Dyskko. My mind is not as far seeing as your own. As my old chaperon used to scold me, “You don’t see pas the tip of your nose, Indira Burningwood!”

    Comment by Indira — August 22, 2008 @ 10:12 am

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