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Attack of the Fungi

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on July 20, 2008

You know, for a fastidious guy Dyssko sure likes squishy, smelly stuff. If it’s not hydra droppings or Kua Toa poo, it’s poisonous mushrooms. We were done with that room. Done! But no. “I need a sample. I need a sample.” Like a broken record. I hope that almost dying from fungi poison will make him more cautious.

We had just, by the grace of god, dispatched an ambush attempt. Dyssko and Cinder had stepped inside the door way of a room. She could see a set of doors at the far end. Something made her hesitate. Something (I would say the hand of god) made her look up and into the face of a Kua Toa perched above the door. When he realized he’d been seen, he dropped to the ground and attacked.

Cinder moved like the wind. She made a grab for Dyssko’s cloak and tumbled away from the surprise attack. He moved like a ninja, but a few magic missiles and he was down. All that needed discussing was who gets the Spider Climb boots.

I wonder, now that I think on it, was Dyssko enchanted somehow? He got the need for the sample into his head and he would NOT let up until we’d unbarred the door. Cinder and Ohboi stayed in the other chamber. Me, Myntilly, Dyssko and Ohme stood by the door. Sadi took up a spot about halfway between the two rooms.

Once the door was open, Dyssko borrowed Myntilly’s staff and turned one of his drinking skins inside out. Clever, really. He could get a sample without needed to touch the poison. He could not reach far enough — he had to step into the room. As his footfalls died, we heard a squishy sound and suddenly it’s like the mushrooms came alive. Four large fungal creatures rose up out of the mushroom patch and attacked with tentacles! One, two — right at Dyssko’s face. At least one connected.

I heard Myntilly sigh. Crackling fire seemed to drip from her fingertips. Scorching Ray. Two of them fell. Another one lashed out at Dyssko. I heard the thuds as the heavy tentacles landed on his body. I was ready with close wounds. As Dyssko was about to buckle under the attack, I flung my hand towards him, palm out, as though to prop him up. The power of Pelor flowed from my fingers and Dyssko was visibly restored. He was able to tumble away from the creatures.

We still had two angry fungi to deal with. Now that Dyssko was out of the way, Acgar unleashed her breath weapon. They melted. The smell was pungent, to say the least. When Cinder heard the news, she came to inspect the remains. “Well,” she said. “I wanted to explore this room. Who’s with me?”

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