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Danger from Beyond

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on July 15, 2008

It was quite a predicament. Exhausted, dirty, some of us half undressed and out of nowhere comes a winged devil with glowing red eyes. Shooting flaming arrows.

Why do I take first watch? Something always happens when I take first watch. I thought to myself as I closed the door to the armory. It was upstairs, down a small hallway. The hallway deadended. Good. There were two windows — the same ones that the Kua Toas had slid down in ambush – and the top of the stairs. Not bad for defending. I took up a spot at the window by the stairs, had just settled my mind when I heard a peculiar squeaky noise. I leaned out the window a bit…. What? I heard it again but where was it coming from?

I walked into the armory to find Dyssko talking animatedly with Cinder about a bit of map he”d found. He wanted to try heating the paper in case there was hidden writing.

“Hi.” Everyone stopped to look at me. “I just. Ohboi, Ohme, could you guys join me on watch?”
Sadi pushed herself away from the far wall, “What is it?”
I shook my head. “It”s probably nothing. I just thought the guys would be nice company.” I scooted out the door to avoid any more questions. Ohboi took the head of the stairs, Ohme took the other window. I was half hoping that I was wrong about the noise.
A few minutes later I heard a grunt. I turned and Ohboi had a flaming arrow stuck in the belly area of his armor. I blinked and suddenly there was a devil with wings and glowing red eyes. She aimed a second arrow at him. She was maybe two feet away, hovering at the top of the stairs. I”m not proud of this but as near as I remember, I yelled something like “Yerrr-augh! Help! Heeeelp!”

Cinder and Acgar came running out. Acgar stepped up beside Ohboi; Cinder stepped back, nocking her bow. Only one person could stand in the hallway, damn it. With her spear, Acgar tried to jab at the devil. It floated away effortlessly. Dyssko came running out with his night cap on. I wanted to laugh until I saw his moves. He somersaulted between Ohboi and Acgar and landed a kick at the devil. I forgot he”d been training as a monk. Myntilly stepped into the hall and unleashed one of her last magic missile spells and stepped back.

The devil calmly put away her bow and took a large sword from a sheath on her back. Each movement was practically languid. She sliced the air once. Twice and then swung at Ohboi. He moved his shield, but not soon enough, blood spurted from his thigh. Behind me I heard Cinder say, “All right then.” Then Ohme said, “Hey!…” I turned around and saw Ohme leaning out the window. Then he jumped. I turned back to look out my window and saw Cinder land gracefully at the bottom of the slide. She easily stepped aside as Ohme rolled to a stop. Then they took off running into the building. Sneak attack!

Ohboi was bleeding badly. I had to decide if I should leave my position to heal him or cast a spell to drive the creature away. I called for Pelor”s help in taking vengeance. Healing would wait. Dyssko landed another blow. Suddenly the creature vanished. Myntilly stepped into the hall, taking a place by the far window. “Where”d it go?”

Dyssko took a flying leap, hoping to connect with a now invisible devil. No luck. Like Cinder, he landed on his feet. As I took a step toward Acgar, Myntilly gasped. There, behind her, was the devil. The damned thing shifted or something! Now we were in a worse situation, the devil was protected from rear attacks and a robe-wearing member of our group was front and center for attack.

We were all exhausted, practically tapped out in spells. I hurriedly ran through my spell list in my mind. Before I could utter a word, Myntilly turned to face the devil and fire flew from her fingertips. She had one scorching ray left! Suddenly a suit of armor and a sword dropped to the floor. The devil was dead? Vanquished to its rightful plane at least. It would not have left it”s armor if it was coming back.

I healed and bandaged Ohboi. I could not meet his eye; I was ashamed that I had chosen to attack the enemy instead of heal him. These half-orcs — he seemed to sense some reluctance in me. He drew my hand to the bandage on his thigh. “This will be a good battle scar. This scar and the gold I earn with you and I will get an excellent wife!”

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