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[meta] Behind the Scenes

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Life,Meta-gaming by Ariel on July 11, 2008

We are the Dungeon Divas and when women play Dungeons and Dragons, well you never know what might happen…. Sometimes we have cake. We”ve been known to throw back a bottle or two of sparkling grape juice. And then we slay a dragon.

Sometimes we talk about household cleaners. But that”s usually only when discussing how the bard would get bloodstains out of his tunic.
Here”s our group, give or take a person or two.

We”ve played together for just about a year. And every Wednesday we gather to fight monsters. I”d never played before, so I cannot say that playing in the “ladies league” is better or worse than playing with guys. I do know that I have a blast each week.

Sometimes it gets intense. We flip through the Players Handbook looking for information. We discuss strategy. We make stupid mistakes. We”ve come close to dying, all of us. What”s the tally? One person turned to stone. One person half disappeared. One person bitten in half and then reincarnated (Hi Sadi). One person dragged out to sea and half drowned. Frozen, fried, stabbed and strangled. This is not for the faint hearted.

Other times it gets awfully quiet as one of us tries to figure out how online casinos to do what she wants to do.

I”ve got over 50 spells and they all do different stuff. Deb”s rogue….. is she gonna climb or tumble or sneak? What about our bard — what”s his plan?

We”ve had two dungeon masters — Michelle and Angel. Michelle started this quest and now Angel”s giving her a well-deserved break for awhile.
Here”s Michelle.

She”s a crafty person and her props are awesome. Who else brings you real wands of control water? Or makes brochures of the Lucky Monkey?

And here”s Angel — Guardian Games” guardian angel….. The woman with more D&D minis than is sensible and more Legos than any one person should own.

We are very lucky to have two great DMs in the group. They have similar play styles. They would rather keep the game going than spend a bunch of time haggling over the rules.

There are more pictures here.

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