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Lobster Goddess

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on July 3, 2008

No amount of dampness could explain the chill in my heart when I looked at the statue of the lobster-headed goddess. She is evil of a magnitude with Nerull. I will not hesitate to destroy any Kua Toa frog men that I see. They are her followers and by the will of Pelor, they will perish.

I must have sensed the statue”s presence before I saw it. As we approached the stone doors I was uneasy. Cinder”s sensitive hands traveled over the carvings in the doors. “There is something here. Something…. different. I don”t know what kind of trap it is. Give me a few moments.” Quelling our party has become harder. Two half orcs (who continue to show their worth), the chatty bard, my need to pace the length of the room…. It was nothing short of a miracle that she concentrated enough to understand the trap.
Cinder sat crossed legged, staring at the seam where the two halves of the door met. I heard her murmur “Yes, I remember Greenleaf talking once about….” And then she stood up reached out both hands and the doors parted. As Cinder grasped the doors, I could see fine silvery writing shoot across the face of the stone. I came up beside her. “Do you know what you just did? You neutralized a glyph of warding. That”s just, it”s practically impossible!”
She smiled. “What would have happened if I”d failed?”
“The doors would have blown apart, little stone fragments flying…. Probably would have killed us all.”
“Well,” she said. “Good thing I got it right.”

Past those doors was a long hallway. As Cinder started to step into it, Sadi held up her hand. “Dust.” She pointed down at the floor. Myntilly came up beside Cinder. “Hmmm. No footprints. They don”t use this path. Maybe because it is trapped.”
“Could we go around somehow?” Dyssko had come up to see why we weren”t moving.
“It”s fine” Cinder said. “Look.” And she carefully stepped into the hallway. The half orcs followed her. In a few moments they were at the other end. Cinder leaned into the door. “I hear chanting.”

The doors opened to a large area. We were looking at a balcony. Above us, on other balconies were two pairs of spear-carrying frog men.

In front of us was a huge statue of a lobster-headed woman. Below us, in front of the statue was a line of four priests. No one had yet noticed us. Myntilly quietly stepped out on to the balcony and moved to the right. I motioned for one of the half orcs, Oboi to follow her. Cinder, Sadi, Acgar and I all raised our bows and shot at the two sets of sentries. None of the arrows found home and now, they knew we were here. Dyssko pushed his way to the front of the group, turned around and began singing a rousing song. Normally we would have felt warmed and inspired by his singing, but in this damp place, under the red-eyed gaze of the evil goddess, the words died on his lips.

At about that moment, Myntilly let fly a series of lightning bolts on the figures below. There were four of them, and then there were two. They had elaborate headdresses and I assumed they were priests to the statue.

As their comrades fell, the two remaining began to croak in unison. The air around us began to get warm. Suddenly lightning crackled around us. I heard Cinder, Acgar and the other half orc cry out. Cinder, gasping for breath, pawed through her pack, found a flask and downed it. A healing potion. We quickly scattered, realizing that lightning follows a straight line.

I summoned a Sun Scepter and aimed it at one of the priests. A shimmering mace appeared behind him and bashed at his head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Myntilly raise her arms above her head, her hair swirled around her (static electricity?) and she threw another lightning bolt at the priests. They both fell. Now we had the sentries to dispatch. Acgar and the half orc named Ohme ran to the left set of stairs. Myntilly and Oboi climbed the right stairs. In a few minutes we were ready to approach the statue.

Two doors stood behind the base of the statue, one on either side. Acgar and Ohme walked towards the left side door. Cinder cocked her head as she walked towards the right door. She held her finger to her lips. She spent a few seconds at the door and came back. “It sounds like bitching, really. Like someone is really mad and taking it out on someone else.” We took a moment to digest this information and suddenly the left-hand door flew open. Another Kua Toa priest stood there and before we could act, he raised his hands and began chanting. The air grew warm and Acgar cried out and fell like a stone. Sadi, who was a few feet behind her, fell to her knees. And Myntilly screamed but I wasn”t sure then if it was in pain or anger.

After that horrible dream about dying at the feet of a hydra, I had taken some time to learn a new healing spell. Being a radiant servant allows me access to the oldest parts of the temple library. Within the dusty books I found a spell called close wounds. I uttered it and pointed my finger at Acgar. She gasped for breath, lifted to her feet as if by an invisible hand. Ohme swung his scimitar at the priest. He was so close, how could he miss? But he did. His swing seemed to go right around the frog man.

Sadi dropped to the floor and rolled so that she was behind the statue and out of sight of the priest. I moved to follow her. If Sadi retreated from a fight, she must be seriously wounded. As I passed, I saw that Myntilly was barely standing. She was muttering to herself, “I”m too pissed to worry about healing. This frog is going down.” And she raised her arms above her head to call down lightning once more. The spell did not drop the frog, but it did kill the dark dwarf behind him. Later Acgar and Cinder (who were close to the priest) said they saw pain shoot across his face and it gave them courage to fight. Although many blows seem to miraculously miss, a few did land. Dyssko stood at the edge of the stairs and fired his crossbow. One bolt lodged in the priest”s leg. Suddenly it felt like the tide of battle shifted. Once I had healed Sadi, I strode to Myntilly”s side. I breathed deeply to quiet my mind and called forth sword stream. It is an icy sword made of water and since Pelor wields it, it cannot miss its target. It entered the Koa Toa”s chest and he fell. I dropped to my knees in a prayer of thanks.

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