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Into the UnderDark

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on June 28, 2008

My people are a desert people. What do I know of the dark damp places of the world? Pelor”s hand has brought me here and he must have a purpose. Something, some act that will bring light to the darkness. When I saw the frog creature in the boat, I said a quiet prayer for guidance.
The half-orcs wanted to kill him. They distrusted and they were right. I have been too quick to ignore them. I will hear their council from now on.

We only brought the half-orcs to help with the hydra. Well, with what we thought would be a hydra. My dream was indeed a true Dreaming: a hydra waited at the bottom of that staircase. The half-orcs showed mettle and helped to defeat the hydra.

When the frog man approached with his boat, we didn”t know what to think. We did not have a common language. I did not prepare tongues today. I did cast detect magic and Acgar cast detect evil and we felt no immediate threats.
All the way across the fetid lake, he jabbered in his gargling language. Whether it was advice, taunts or prayers I could not say. We made quite a picture, I”m sure. The six of us in the boat and the half-orcs trailing out behind, thanks to Une autre caracteristique commune attractive des casinos francais est gros jackpots. a levitate spell from Myntilly.

We landed at the base of a huge stone fish temple. These frog people are not with piety, it would seem. The entrance to the temple looke dlike a huge fish mouth. As Dyskko stepped from the boat, the frog man paddled away quickly. And in the next instant an arrow pierced the armor of one of our orcs.

Another arrow flew past Acgar. As it clattered to the mossy stone, she took off running into the maw of the temple. I had just a moment to cast ray of hope upon her. I knew that Pelor would shine his face on her.

Sadi took the steps two at a time to join Acgar and as her foot hit the landing, two frog men slid from second story windows down the slick buttresses and tackled Sadie and Acgar. It was the coolest move I”ve ever seen. More arrows landed at our feet. Cinder waved to the half-orcs and the three of them ran past Sadie, Acgar and the frogs and entered the temple proper.

What”s a healer to do? My friends are in combat or running away from me and into harm”s way. Who do I follow? Who do I help? As I paused in confusion, Pelor showed the way. The frog men were no match for Acgar, Sadie and Myntilly. I ran past and up inside the temple, following our headstrong rogue.

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