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Dyskko Reports to the Mayor

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on June 16, 2008

To: Lord Mayor Severen Navalant of Cauldron
From: Your Trusted Envoy Dyskko
Re: Dungeon Divas

My Dear Lord Mayor, I write you from the wilderness beyond Cauldron. Traveling with the Dungeon Divas has been full of adventure. We have recently heard tell of an area known as The Pit of Seven Jaws where we will head tomorrow morning. My excitement to actually see this legendary place led me to great storytelling earlier this evening, and I will relate some of the myths about this place to you now.

Different stories include different details. The Pit of Seven Jaws is told to house a great creature seen by very few who have survived to tell the tale. Survivors speak of a large beast with multiple toothy maws extended on long necks. This is not unreasonable, since multi-headed creatures are known to exist — usually reptiles.

So the beast in the Pit of Seven Jaws is rumored to be a large reptilian creature with seven heads. Whether it is actually one creature or a few creatures banded together is unclear. One or many, it hides in the darkness of the pit striking at adventurers with fire. Or a cloud of icy fog. Or an acid-laced breath.

Few descriptions of it can be told. Reptilian definitely. Some stories tell that when one head is severed, two grow in its place. One gone, two return until people run screaming. The methods to kill one of these creatures is unclear. Legends abound of all the things that haven’t worked: swords, fire, acid, rocks, spears, magic…

Of course, the legends can’t all be true. Not all of them. Every creature has its vulnerabilities. But then, even if we cannot kill this creature, confirming its existence would be treasure enough.



PostScript – It appears I can hand-deliver this to you soon. Indira woke and insisted that we couldn’t fight the thing alone. We need to return to Cauldron for supplies. As a channel for the God Pelor, we trust her wisdom and advice. Apparently she had a dream of us fighting the creature and losing against it. I must be a better storyteller than I thought, to inspire such visions. Of course in my dream, I won…

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