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[meta] Death on a Dixie Cup

Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on May 28, 2008

I”ll always remember my first dragon. He was young and red and pissed.

I had this feeling that Wednesday night would be special. When the dragon appeared I thought, “Oh. Ok, it”s a dragon!” As you can see in the picture, he needed a height
advantage over us. Dixie Cup to the rescue.

Last week had been a slight group — no Deb, no Taj, no Susan. So this week was great we were all there, including our newest member Megan. Always catching up to do before gaming. Susan was telling us about a great cabin she rented. The upshot (and I think Deb started it) is that we”re going to do a small divas camping trip in Sept. What fun! Girl gamers. We rule.

As you can see for Taj”s expression, we had some intense moments. I mean even after the shopping.

We received a quest from this old dwarf guy. Angel did a wonderful job of playing him. I could…. almost. do it…. justice. Upshot: rescue his estranged son from the area below the area below the area below Cauldron. No prob, right? We have sunrods.

The dragon was so cool. We were nuts to take it on. And we realized that about the time he dropped Taj”s character to -8 hit points. Deb”s rogue was in the cone of fire. Here”s a picture of her saving throw. You can”t tell but it was a 17. Love that evasion thing rogues do. She took no damage instead of half damage. I would have felt bad if she”d died.

I was so stupid to tackle the crazy guy. And about the time he was giggling and groping me, I realized that. Everyone else did the crucial healing. Michelle saved Taj”s character with her little bard”s healing spell. Sarah healed Susan”s character (who was at -6 at the time). Angel plays crazy very well. My favorite crazy moment: after the dragon”s breath, and we”ve just escaped being bathed in flame. The thatched walls are smoldering. I”m trying to convince this crazy man to go to safety and he says, “This is super!”

The game is so damned fun. The time flies by. The intensity of battle, the tension of the dice throws. The unknowns. I”ve never experienced anything like it.

We always leave the game feeling pumped up and drained at the same time. It”s so weird. I think emotionally it”s draining because we do a lot of role playing. But the adrenaline gets you pumped.

We left Crazy Jared to his imaginary kingdom. Headed for the possible entrance to Underdark. What awaits us?

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