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The Cusp of Sunrise

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on May 23, 2008

Celeste was pretty clear about the dress code when she handed Myntilly the invitation to The Cusp of Sunrise. Lucky for us, some people paid attention. Wow, what a swanky place. It reminds very much of my father”s club back home. Women were allowed in the front part of his club and he would take me there for dinner sometimes. God, but it was boring sitting there listening to his business partners drone on about imports and exports.
The Cusp of Sunrise was anything but boring.

I was nervous when we presented our invitation at the door. Who is Celeste? And why meet here? It”s been a long time since I found myself in such opulence and it feels uncomfortable.

A man named Rengen lead us into a foyer and told us to wait a moment. He came back quickly. He pulled Myntilly to the side and in a low voice said, “Your, ah, dragon friend will need to put her hood up. And, I must ask that you sit away from the main area.”
There was a moment of silence. I nodded sagely. “Thank you for the advice.” I had no intention of asking Acgar to keep her hood up and I knew we”d sit where ever we wanted.

He led us into a beautiful circular library. The walls were filled with books. Well dressed people sat at tables or talked in groups. I pulled at my new tabard to straighten it. Dyssko went striding up to a table near the center of the room and sat down.

A beautiful woman in a sweeping blue dress came over and handed us each a single sheet of paper, the menu. I ordered the mussels and a glass of Elvish red wine and looked around. There was a good looking man surrounded by women standing over by a globe. The women hung on his every word. There was a gnomish woman sitting by herself near us. Across the room I saw a dwarf laughing to himself and rolling dice. And over in a corner — Lord Vahlantru!

I couldn”t believe our luck. Once we had drinks, we spread out to mingle. Dyssko and I headed right for Lord Vahlantru. He was warm with us. Putting his book down and chatting for a few minutes. He was reading a history of Cauldron and I wanted to sound knowledgeable and engage him in conversation. He saw right through me, but he was polite anyway. After a few minutes though, he politely excused himself.

Dyssko, with a Cauldron Sunrise (how can he drink that?!) in hand, sat down at the harpsichord and started playing some old favorites. “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” was one.
Myntilly walked up to the handsome man and introduced herself. He said his name was Lord Taskerhill and said he knew who she was. He praised our group for bravery and handed Myntilly a pouch with 10 platinum pieces as a thank you. She could not draw him away from his group of admirers, though. Too bad. As Cinder reminded us, Anna, who ambushed us, her last name is also Taskerhill.

Acgar and Sadi wanted to learn the dice gamed that people were playing and a waiter suggested that the gnomish woman might be willing to teach them. She was. Her name is Lady Livia Ladyhawk. She loves animals and so they all got to talking about horse care and the finer points of camel training.

Cinder walked over to the dwarf. I joined her there. the dwarf seemed mad. Black leather covered one half of his face. I was reminded of the Yin Yang gang. He laughed a lot and wanted to teach us the dice game. “Grab Your Jewels” I think he called it. But he wanted to play for platinum pieces, so we declined and went back to our table.

After dinner, we still hadn”t seen Celeste yet, so we decided to explore the building a bit. Hopefully Celeste will arrive soon. I feel uneasy.

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